VFX Discovery Kids celebrates janmashtami with ‘Little Krishna’ -

Discovery Kids celebrates janmashtami with ‘Little Krishna’

Discovery Kids is celebrating this Janmashtami with its special day-long programmingdedicated to Lord Krishna’s childhood in Janmashtami Dhamaal. Mischievous, brave and the supreme personality of godhead- Little Krishna is all set to entertain kids with his chronicles of bravery and pranks. The special line-up will include series and movies of Little Krishna all day long on 18 August on Discovery Kids.

Janmashtami Dhamaal will feature three back to back movies of Little Krishna which include Darling of Vrindavan, Legendary Warrior and Wonderous Feats along with ‘Little Krishna’ animated series.

The series will feature ‘Little Krishna’, who is the darling of Vrindavan, the land of peace and tranquility which is constantly threatened by the malice of evil king Kans. A prophecy had threatened Kansthat a savior will descend on earth to make him meet his worst adversity in life, which is his death.

The only objective of Kans’s life therefore was to find his devil of death. Sworn to see the end of Krishna, Kans relentlessly sends his trusted aids, the ferocious demons to Vrindavan in order to kill Krishna. But Krishna is born to be a savior as he crushes the deadly demons one after another with heroic poise.Little Krishna also manifests his mesmerizing charms with his soulful flute that compels every living creature to dance to his tunes.

Movies Description:

The Darling of Vrindavan: Little Krishna, the darling of Vrindavan, while enjoying all the love and adoration of Nand& mother Yashoda is growing up as a naughty prankster. But he is also the bravest of all, crushing mighty demons like Putana&Trinavarta sent by Kans. Indra’s false pride gets shattered when Little Krishna lifts up the entire govardhan hill on his little finger. Showcasing breathtaking underwater fight sequences, Krishna wins over Kalia in an epic battle, emerging as the true savior of Vrindavan.

Legendary Warrior: Vrindavan is constantly threatened by the malice of evil king Kans who in order to eliminate Little Krishna keeps sending ferocious demons, like the giant Pralambasura, scorching Fire demon, powerful Aristasura and mighty Bakasura. Little Krishna while engaging in mischief and pranks with Radha also emerges as the legendary warrior, conquering all the demons in epic heroic combats.

Wonderous Feats: The threat is not yet over for Vrindavan as Kans, blind with rage, keeps sending his horde of demons in the shape of poisonous Aghasura, dreadful Vatsasura, wicked Vyomasura and the cruel Dhenukasura to get rid of Little Krishna. However, they all had to face defeat against Little Krishna’s gallant valor. Shattering Brahma’s pride, Little Krishna finally displays himself as the reincarnation of Lord Vishnu, the controller of the entire universe.