Diamond Comics to turn over a new leaf with digitisation, customisation and animation

Diamond Comics managing director Gulshan Rai
One of India’s oldest comic publications, Diamond Comics has a lot in store for its readers in the coming months. The comic publishing house is packed to the rafters with enticing plans that may not only keep the readers hooked, but also bring a new dimension to the comic sales. Diamond Comics managing director Gulshan Rai explains the three-pronged strategy, of digital comics, customisation and animation. Diamond goes digital Digitisation has spread its wings to almost every industry today. Even comics. And Diamond is following suit with the launch of a digital app that will feature all its comics. Diamond Comics has published over 5,000 comics of 40 different Indian and foreign characters in Hindi, English, Bengali and other Indian regional languages from 1978 till date. Also, it has published over 50 comic digests based on Indian folk tales and Indian religion (all the God and Goddess of Indian religion), comic digests of Panchatantra, Jataka tales, Hitopadesha; series of comic digests of Akbar and Birbal, Tenali Rama, Singhasan Battisi, Baital Pachisi, Vikram aur Betal series and many more. Diamond is publishing 10 comics in Hindi and 10 comics in English every month. However, the pervious comics since 1978 are not available in stock although there’s a regular demand for it. So taking that under consideration, Rai says, “We have decided to come out with a digital platform on web and mobile having all the comics in Hindi, English, Bengali and other regional languages available for our beloved readers.” “We are also giving few comics for free reading before they register for any package” he further adds. Not only that, Diamond is gearing up to launch another digital platform simultaneously having all the issues of our monthly magazines in Hindi, English and Bengali namely,
  • Vastu Evam Jyotish (in Hindi)
  • Health Plus (in Hindi, English, Bengali)
  • Osho Today (in Hindi and English)
  • Manohar Kahaniyan (in Hindi)
  • Manohar Kaliyan (in Hindi)
  • Yog Sandesh (in 11 languages)
Diamond oversaw an investment of over half a million initially in developing the app, working in house. And to keep the users hooked to the app, three new comics in Hindi and English each, will be released under the section ‘Release of the Day’. Customised Comics
Cadbury Delite
Diamond has developed large number of customised comics since 1981. Those include Rasna, Parle, Britannia, Priya Gold, ITC noodles, Sunfeast, Perfetti van Melle India, Big Babble, Boomer, Maggi, Hero Cycle, Liberty shoes, Action shoes, Today’s Pen, Stick Pen, Luxor Pen, ACC Cement, Maruti Alto, eye education comic, road safety comic, and many more for almost all the companies of stationary and confectionary, having also developed comics on banking and insurance industry. These comics educate on the basis of the product and as per the requirement of the client, targeting an age group of readers from pre-teens to teens. Some of the upcoming customised comics though, include comic on eyes (based on regular check-up) as well as on the much-vaunted Swachh Bharat mission. Getting into animation Diamond comics have also touched upon animation with the launch of shows such as Motu Patlu and Chacha Bhatija but much to the delight of the viewers, it also has animated shows of Tauji, Rumjum and Chotu Lambu in the pipeline. To that Rai adds, “Also we are planning to launch the animated comics (voice comic/talking comics) of all Diamond Comics characters on YouTube, whereas you can see our famous characters Chacha Chaudhary, Billoo and Pinki already available.” iCastX Technologies, Mumbai, are to be credited with the animation. Diamond Comics are currently targeting broadcasters to air the animated programmes and will hit the TV screens within the next six months.