DHX Media’s ‘Mega Man: Fully Charged’ to hit screens this August

DHX Media, a global children’s content and brands company, is gearing up for the premiere of the high-octane new animated series Mega Man: Fully Charged, an original co-production with Dentsu Entertainment USA. Starting on 5 August, fans can catch up Mega Man: Fully Charged every Sunday on Cartoon Network in the US. 10 episodes will also be available on the Cartoon Network app and various TV providers’ VOD and on-demand streaming platforms in the US commencing from Friday, 3 August. DHX Media president Josh Scherba said, “Just in time for the 30th anniversary of the legendary video game character, Mega Man is returning to TV in an all-new, amped-up animated series. We’re confident fans both old and new will love this new series, as they follow Mega Man’s fast-paced adventures, beginning this summer.”
‘Mega Man: Fully Charged’
Based on the legendary Capcom Mega Man video game franchise, Mega Man: Fully Charged, will make its Canadian debut on DHX TV’s family channel in fall 2018. Man of Action Entertainment (Ben 10, Generator Rex and the creators of the characters and team featured in Big Hero 6) are serving as the executive producers and story editors on the series. “Following Capcom’s announcement of the new Mega Man 11 video game, we are thrilled to be launching an exciting new animated series, Mega Man: Fully Charged. From TV and YouTube to video games and toy shelves, Mega Man will soon be everywhere with kids watching and playing,” Dentsu Entertainment USA president and CEO Yuichi Kinoshita commented. Man of Action Entertainment executive producer/story editor Joe Kelly further added, “Mega Man is exactly the kind of hero we need right now. Optimistic, inquisitive and more focused on helping others and understanding adversaries than just locking them up. We love this character.” Mega Man: Fully Charged to soar in San Diego Comic-Con San Diego Comic-Con attendees will be among the first ones to get a peek at the all-new series during the Mega Man: Fully Charged panel taking place on Friday, 20 July from 6 to 7 pm. Along with an exclusive episode premiere from the series, the panel will feature Capcom’s Kazuhiro Tsuchiya (video game producer: ​Mega Man 11, ​Asura’s Wrath), Logan McPherson (DHX Studios VP of creative and animated production: Slugterra, and series The Deep, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs) and Man of Action Entertainment’s Joe Casey and Steven T. Seagle (executive producers and story editors: Mega Man: Fully Charged), who will provide a behind-the-scenes look into the creative process of re-imagining this classic property for the next generation. Other Mega Man: Fully Charged Comic-Con will include:
  • An exclusive artwork signing on 20 July with Joe Casey,  Steven T. Seagle, and Kazuhiro Tsuchiya at the Capcom booth.
  • Exclusive merchandise will be available from Toynami Booth. 
  • Limited-edition Mega Man: Fully Charged artwork by pop artist Jose Emroca Flores will also be available.
WildBrain Mega Man: Fully Charged fan hub launching on YouTube In addition to the series’ launch on Cartoon Network and Family Channel, episode trailers for the new Mega Man: Fully Charged will also be available on DHX Media’s YouTube-based kids’ network WildBrain. Beginning from 21 July, fans can check out clips and trailer previews on a weekly basis on the dedicated YouTube channel. New Mega Man: Fully Charged consumer products coming spring 2019 The launch of the show’s consumer products will hit toy shelves in spring 2019. The upcoming line from master toy licensee JAKKS Pacific includes action figures, figurines, play-sets, and accessories, role-play items, everyday dress-up and Halloween costumes.