DC Comics publishes 16-page blank comics for 24-Hour Comic Day

DC Comics had announced at San Diego Comic-Con that for 24-Hour Comic Day this October, they will be creating their own blank comics with 16 pages, fea­turing the same uncoated 80-pound paper used on DC’s blank variant covers. The blank comics will include Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman logos on them. Breaking the rule, DC Comics will create a 16-page blank comic in 24-hour comic timespan. The 24-Hour Comic Day challenge demands a 24-page comic book, in accordance with Scott McCloud, and championed into an international event by Nat Gertler. This means that the original rules are broken where 24-page comic was to be created. Only one person may be directly involved in the comic creation and nothing will be planned, plotted ahead, and sketched in advance. For decades, Gertler of About Comics has been publishing blank comic books. These books are entirely blank for people to create their own comics. They are very popular for use on 24-Hour Comic Day, where around the world, people try to complete an entire comic book in just 24-hour period. Cartoonist McCloud had come up with the challenge in 1990 as a creative exercise for himself and his fellow comics artist Stephen R. Bissette. In 2004, writer Gertler helped to organize the annual 24-Hour Comic Days for everyone to have a go. So one can choose DC blank comics with the 24-Hour Comics logo or Nat Gertler’s blank comics without any logo. Choice is yours. DC Comics