‘Daredevil’ season three launch date revealed with a short teaser

Marvel’s Daredevil is edging ever closer to the premier of its third season as Netflix finally announced the launch date along with a short teaser. The streaming service revealed that new episodes would arrive on 19 October 2018, more than two years since the second installment.

Matt Murdock was last seen in Marvel’s mini crossover event The Defenders that culminated with the devil of Hell’s Kitchen severely bruised after being trapped in a building explosion with Elektra, while the rest of the vigilantes, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and Iron Fist, all managed to abscond the scene unscathed. He was presumed dead in the immediate aftermath, though final visions of the series portrayed Murdock apparently rescued from the mishap and helped recuperate by a nun at an unknown place.

And now, almost a year on from the events of The Hand, he’s back, and has vowed to “come back even stronger” and sworn to “finish the evil” by “letting the devil out”, perhaps teasing the darkest and the most brutal season of Daredevil yet. That means, we’re in for another gruesome encounter between him and the Kingpin, Wilson Fisk, as the new season follows the events of the comics chapter Born Again.

Season three was announced in 2016 itself, but went on floors in November 2017 and wrapped up with production as lately as June this year. And with the launch next month, this is set to be the first calendar year to witness all four of the Defenders coming up with their standalone series!