Damian is DC’s new Batman

Damian Wayne has courted much buzz since his rise to prominence in the storyline Batman and Son. The character’s latest appearance in DCeased #4 will definitely cause a stir as he has become the newest Batman. Post his father’s untimely demise, Alfred delivers him a new bat-suit for the times Bruce Wayne prepared for him well in advance.

Alfred springs into action as the heroes are still gauging how to attack the problem of the Anti-Life Equation zombies running rampantly across Gotham.
Cyborg deploys a rogue hero; the Bat-Family is left to cope with the loss of their father amidst the world falling apart around them. Hard not to feel for the Son of the Bat at a time like that. It remains to be seen how Damian Wayne will operate the weapons left to him by his father. In other parts of the issue, it looks like many of Batman’s allies have fallen prey to the Anti-Life Equation and it is going to take some serious ingenuity to save the remaining life on Earth. A little background on Damian Wayne…

In the comics, Talia al Ghul secured Bruce Wayne’s DNA after a desert meet, taking place in the storyline Son of the Demon, and used an artificial womb and genetic editing to create the perfect warrior to lead the League of Shadows and possibly succeed Batman in the future.

Damian’s existence only comes to light when the boy is an unruly teenager during Grant Morrison’s “Batman and Son,” leaving him with Bruce Wayne in hopes that caring for the boy will derail his pursuits as Batman. But Bruce inspires his son, who forges his own path away from Talia’s group of assassins and decides to train to become a hero, eventually adopting the mantle of Robin. After more business with the dangerous Anti-Life Equation in Final Crisis, Dick Grayson jumps to the role of Batman and Damian becomes his Robin after coming to respect his adopted brother. Over the course of Morrison’s run, Damian becomes a much more well-rounded individual and eventually a caped crusader as it were. In Batman #666, Damian made a pact with the devil for the immortality to keep Gotham protected forever. This version uses a lot of what Damian got from his assassin training with the lessons he learnt from his father. We shall keep you updated on further development.