Creodomus founder Rajendra Praveen shares his out-of-the-box gaming shows

Creodomus CEO Rajendra Praveen
Gaming shows are here to redefine themselves to some notches higher. We are talking about game shows which connects a cartoon character, TV and the game player. Intriguing! Creodomus Entertainment CEO Rajendra Praveen attended MIPCOM 2017 at Cannes, France as a part of the ABAI delegation. Animation Xpress spoke to him at MIPCOM and he shared his excitement about his newly developed out-of-the-box game shows. Live Interactive Game show The name of the interactive game show is ‘Run Singoo Run’. Already 300 episodes have been released on the Sun TV network in south and they are running successfully. This idea has been proposed to other channels as well. Mechanics of the game: The interactive gaming show will give kids a chance to speak to their favourite cartoon characters on TV. The show will remains live with phone numbers on the screen.Children can call and speak to a cartoon character and then it will respond back.There will be a person in the background wearing a motion capture suit who will make movements and react to the child’s call. All this is captured live and streamed. Now this sounds interesting! We can picture this. For the success of animation of this level, four to five departments worked together to create the final output. It usually takes months and sometimes years for the process. Creodomus has now created the technology that avoids the use of multiple departments and provides results within seconds. For the first time the idea was taken abroad to MIPCOM 2017. The patent for this whole technology and process is filed under “Creodomus Entertainment Pvt Ltd” and is looking to complete more projects as well. The duration of  the game ‘Run Singoo Run’ game is one minute currently as they want to make sure that as many children as possible get a chance to play the game. Since the show is for one hour, limited kids will be playing the game. Hence the duration is too short to allow more children to play. Currently, the game has been launched in the regional languages – Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam. Later on, it will be extended to Hindi, English and other languages as well. Creodomus CEO Rajendra Praveen feels that the game has an international appeal. He said, “We are getting a lot of support from the Karnataka government and a lot of policies are being passed.” Three Interactive Concepts Creodomus has 3 different concepts- one live interactive game show that is for the kids of age group between 4 to 12 years in collaboration with Aadarsh group. There is another live interactive quiz show using BuzzleBot character for the age group between eight to sixteen years in collaboration with EZVidya. It has another very social impactful interactive news show using the character “Common Man” which is still under talks that would have questions related to current issues and what is the public opinion over the issues. The interactive news show has taken inspiration from late R.K. Laxman and “Common Man” is the protagonist character. Creodomus is working on linking the character with the show where viewers are asked to choose from four options. Then they have to vote for the best one. The idea of the winning approach is then taken for debate. Once done, the message will be passed on to the government. In a way, the game show will have a social role as well. The show is still in talks and Creodomus has given green signals to proceed and explore the possibilities of the character. The game show has been tested on Sun TV for the last two and a half years and it has become a hit. Wow! Praveen said, “Common man will also have a corresponding animated cartoon character in order to make the news sharing little sarcastic and a comic tone attached to it. This is something we have seen work in other parts of the world which we haven’t experienced in India.” In countries outside India, this process is followed with a normal person. Over here, one can do it with an animated cartoon character rather than using a normal person so that people won’t take it too seriously. There will be a cartoon host who will read out the news. MIPCOM 2017 It had brought two IPs to MIPCOM, one is the Purple Turtle and the second is the Buzzle bot. Praveen said, “ Regarding MIPCOM 2017, I am very excited as many of the clients were very interested in hearing about the concepts and I have got a very good response. We were very confident about their technology and our clients also felt so.” He added, “ I am really thankful to ABAI for having me as a part of the first Karnataka delegation to MIPCOM and in particular to the joint secretary B.S. Srinivas who helped and guided me throughout the event.” There are plans to bring the game show in Hindi language as well but it will take some time.These games can be found on Facebook Live, YouTube Live and it is focused primarily on television. Anyone will be able to interact with the characters. It is user friendly on all devices, since the television program concentrates on regions, with YouTube it goes international.