VFX Cosmos-Maya pays tribute to medical professionals with new animated IP ‘Dr Tenali Rama’

Cosmos-Maya pays tribute to medical professionals with new animated IP ‘Dr. Tenali Rama’

Inspired by the selfless service of doctors around the world battling the COVID-19, leading animation studio Cosmos-Maya has announced to be launching its brand new IP, Dr. Tenali Rama

Working from home 24X 7 in this lockdown, for accelerating the production of soon-to-be-launched kids series, the news of the launch comes ahead of schedule to cater to the growing demand for fresh audio-visual content to keep the kids entertained in these tough times. 

The first season of the slice of life-adventure-comedy series, Dr Tenali Rama is targeted to kids aged four to 11 year old and will have 104 X 11’ episodes. 

Cosmos-Maya is currently in talks with leading Pay TV and OTT platforms for broadcasting and streaming rights of the show, and the announcement will be made soon. 

This series is a part of Cosmos-Maya’s strategy to provide meaningful entertainment with a purpose; that attempts to showcase the journey of medical professionals to young children in a fun and engaging way.

The IP, Dr. Tenali Rama, which attempts to showcase the lives of doctors in a day to day setup, is in line with Cosmos-Maya’s USP of ‘Novelty with Relatability’. The studio has employed a never-done-before visual design style to chronicle the life of Dr Tenali Rama, the 9-year-old child genius who is a qualified doctor. He works in his family’s hospital and his parents are themselves highly qualified doctors. 

Just like his namesake, the legendary Tenali Rama (cohort of King Krishnadevaraya), the young doctor is known for his problem solving abilities, wit, and comic timing. He is another big-hearted doctor who treats his patients more with goodwill, care, and empathy, than with medical acumen.

Anish Mehta

Commented Cosmos-Maya CEO Anish Mehta on the new show, “Cosmos-Maya humbly extends solidarity to the COVID-19 warriors with Dr. Tenali Rama. If through this show, we can tell children the importance and impact of these real-life superheroes on society, we will have done justice to our creative social responsibility. Children are in for a treat as the show’s production is currently running ahead of schedule, with our animators and team working from home round-the-clock. As a studio, we are ready, willing, and eager to meet the growing demand for fresh, high-quality Audio-Visual content.”

Medically trained, Tenali provides remedies to patients’ day to day problems. His treatments, though simple, have a deep impact on the patient’s life and overall well-being. The show’s relatable storyline is fun, entertaining, and children will be able to easily decode medical concepts. The show celebrates unity in diversity with an array of characters from different cultures of the world.