Completing six years lately, philmCGI working on a number of animation and VFX projects

philmCGI team
Animation and VFX studio, philmCGI, which has always focused on quality driven content, is now working on quite a few national and international projects. Recently completing six years in the industry, philmCGI has collaborated with noted filmmakers, producers and artists, on characters and narratives that last and has been focused on creating content that is relatable and has international appeal.
Anand Bhanushali
Speaking to AnimationXpress, philmCGI managing directors Anand Bhanushali and Arpan Gaglani informed, “We’re working on multiple projects both in VFX and Animation. Though we can’t disclose details about them, we’re working on an international animated feature and a series for a European production. Along with that, a lot of VFX work for Indian films and OTT projects that are globally resonating, are also on the plate. You’ll hear from us soon on this.” The studio has prioritised good storytelling and compelling scripts since its inception. The team also has a few IPs that are national in flavour but internationally relevant. Commenting on completing six years in thriving industry, Bhanushali said, “It feels surreal. It has been a super journey so far where we got to work on some amazing projects and are blessed with a great team but everyday we still feel like it’s the beginning and a lot of good work is yet to come. The journey has been fantastic, full of hard work and perseverance by each and every member of the team. We hope to keep delivering the best quality work and keep improving ourselves with every project.”
Arpan Gaglani
philmCGI specialises in 2D/3DAnimation – from conceptualisation to screen writing to designing to delivering the final frame for feature films, series work, OTT, and Edutainment. They also provide VFX services right from shoot supervision to delivering high-end VFX shots for all formats. With six summers of experience, philCGI intends to deliver quality content, better than the previous one. Added Gaglani, “Our vision is to be in sync with technology as it is essential for content creation, and also being involved with great VFX and Animation content being created in India to stay on top of what’s happening on a global level.” The studio operates out of a spacious rented house away from the hustle bustle in Pune – Koregaon park, surrounded by trees with open space, garden. There are high chances one would find an artist sipping a cup of tea/coffee on a regular day and doing his work.