VFX Chacha Chaudhary teaches the value of safe and nutritious food to kids amidst coronavirus concerns

Chacha Chaudhary teaches the value of safe and nutritious food to kids amidst coronavirus concerns

Teaching the importance, benefits and facts about healthy and safe food with Master and Miss Sehat, Diamond Toons has recently launched a new comic bookSwachh Khao Swachh Raho. In the comic book, Chacha Chaudhary, the legendary Indian comic hero along with Master and Miss Sehat who are the safe and nutritious food school superheroes, has described fascinating facts about safe food habits and hygiene. The book details out the initiatives taken by the ITC and FSSAI, supporting a cause to keep kids healthy and fit.

This talking comic with Chacha Chaudhary aims to teach and make children of today’s generation understand the objective, importance and facts about food and how to tell if it is safe on not. It also talks about the microorganisms, hygiene, germs and physical exercise to stay fit. Being the biggest influencer among kids and adults alike, Chacha Chaudhary is the perfect medium to outspread this knowledge.  

Speaking on the launch of the comic book, Diamond Toons director Manish Verma said, “ITC and FSSAI have chosen Chacha Chaudhary and Sabu together to promote food safety, fitness nutrition and hygiene among kids. With our massive reach across India, these iconic characters are perfect to communicate good health for kids & spell out the power and benefits of these aspects in our daily lives. We believe our readers, especially from this generation who are quick learners with active minds will connect instantly with the comic and would very well communicate these benefits. The new series would be available across print and digital medium in various language.”

Being the most favorite character of India, Chacha Chaudhary always comes forward in support of such issues. He has a huge fan following of kids and adults alike. Being an old wise man who children love and listen to, he himself providing the important facts in a simple and unique way will be more effective.

The comic which has been translated into five major Indian languages namely Hindi, English, Bangla, Gujarati and Marathi, talks about hygiene, safe food and microorganisms, which are the basic precautions everyone has to take against coronavirus. “We know that children and the elderly are more vulnerable to this virus and need extra care, this comic is about that extra care not only for coronavirus but to prevent any other disease too.  Kids will be able to grasp the facts and precautions more easily and effectively,” added Verma.

The comic will be available in both print and digital as well. and on all popular online platforms.