CG cats that won us over with their feline charm

Someone has rightly said, “In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this” No animal in the world has divided the human society in the way cats have. While some might find them selfish or unfriendly, many can’t resist the charm brought about by the felines. Intriguingly so, many great men have had profound things to say about them. Cats have been a subject of interest for many filmmakers and storytellers. We made a list of cat-characters in movies that we were chuffed to bits by.

Puss in Boots – Melting us with those big sparkly kitten eyes and bawling us over with the romantic adventure and swagger, Puss in Boots is an impressive cat. Donning a cavalier’s hat, the feline swashbuckler emerges as one such cat who is ordained with everything needed to tug at our heart strings

Crookshanks – Surely being Hermione’s ginger cat already raises the adorability quotient even though its not entirely CG but a himalayan cat breed that presumably had some VFX enhancement. Half-kneazle as evidenced by his lion-like appearance, Hermione’s pet cat with her squidgy appearance and charming antics in the magical world has to be one of the most beloved cats. With her ability to detect untrustworthy persons and impeccable problem-solving skills, Crookshanks also helped to find out who the real person under the garb of Scabbers was after years of Tom and Jerry- like chase scenes.

Snowbell in Stuart Little – Just casting our eyes over the elaborate feline has us fawning over her as the white fluffy Persian with a little bell around her sashays her way into our hearts. Although novel portrays Snowbell in a rather bad light where he is shown to be mean-spirited and self-absorbed, he is shown to be kind-hearted and benevolent in the movies.

Garfield  – With failed shenanigans and mischief, the obese ginger cat amuses fans of all age groups. His laziness and sarcasm are his biggest weapons. Cementing his place in newspaper columns, movies and series, the overweight orange tabby cat has become a household name.

Doraemon – With nifty gadgets that are meant to completely resolve impossible problems that afflict Nobita, Doraemon has been an all-time favourite of children. You name a problem and Doraemon is ready with just the gadget that one would be looking for. His fourth-dimensional pocket on his body from which he can acquire various colourful, awesome and futuristic gadgets, tools and playthings make him even cooler.

Hello Kitty – Having become a worldwide rage, Hello Kitty has not only regaled kids for over 40 years but also become an inseparable part of our lives in more ways than we can count. Hello Kitty has almost invaded every article of your day-to-day life. Irresistibly, one can’t help buying stuff that has Hello Kitty embossed on it.

Tom –  Tom and Jerry have entertained kids over many generations. An all-time absolute classic, Tom fails miserably in his attempts to catch the mouse, Jerry. To his horror, Jerry always has tricks up his sleeve to foil his attempts and fall flat on his face. Between the funny chase, the hot pursuit and back and forth attempts, It’s also special to watch the rare moments of their friendship against the common adversary despite the usual enmity.  

Simba – Simba, our favourite Disney character is the big cat that we can not help vying for. His journey has us all cheering for him as he loses his inhibitions and realises his might. Courtesy of the new Lion King movie, the CGI cub has again caused a buzz amongst fans.

We hope you liked the list of our beloved felines. Do let us know if you would like for us to expound on any other species in our next article. Purrrrrr….