VFX Cartoon Network's ‘Infinity Train’ third season to premiere on HBO Max this summer

Cartoon Network’s ‘Infinity Train’ third season to premiere on HBO Max this summer

Cartoon Network’s Infinity Train will return for a third season, but will be rolling out on HBO Max, Warner Media’s new streaming service. The mystery-adventure is created by Owen Dennis (writer/storyboard artist, Regular Show) and produced by Cartoon Network Studios.

The series first season, Book 1, tells the story of a precocious young girl named Tulip on a mystery adventure that finds her on a train full of infinite worlds going against all odds to find her way back home. The second installment, aptly titled Book 2, follows Mirror Tulip, an escaped reflection from the mirror world. Books 1 and 2 of the animated series produced by Cartoon Network Studios are now streaming on HBO Max.

Infinity Train takes us on a mystery adventure of resolution and growth that we love to experience,” said HBO Max SVP original animation Billy Wee. “We are thrilled to work on this project with Owen to continue this fantastical journey and tell a classic story about inner-strength and determination in a new and exciting way.”

In the third season, Grace and Simon become separated from the rest of their gang and encounter an optimistic young girl named Hazel. The upcoming third season, set to debut later this summer isn’t the only follow-up to a Cartoon Network show exclusively coming to the platform. The first of four Adventure Time specials debuted earlier this month.