April 6-2015
‘Captain America: Civil War’ gets Daredevil to cameo; Spider-Man likely to join the Avengers officially

Steve Roger’s death may be inevitable in the upcoming Captain America Civil War movie but there is more to look forward to in the upcoming tent-pole. A new comic book that will go under the title Secrets Wars is being developed in lieu with the events and shift in the upcoming Civil War movie. An in depth look at how the Superhero Registration Act will affect the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be further expounded in the upcoming comic series. Daredevil on the other hand pays a visit in a cameo role for the upcoming Marvel feature.

Several heroes have already been confirmed to be in and out of the movie. Thor and the Hulk will not be around to stop the fight between Iron Man and Captain America. Hawkeye will make an appearance despite the busy schedule of Jeremy Renner in the past few months. Spider-Man will most likely appear in the movie to seal his official spot in the Marvel Universe as well as several more names reported previously like Doctor Strange, Black Panther, War Machine, The Wasp and the Winter Soldier. Unfortunately, these names are yet to be confirmed by Marvel.

On the other hand, one of the confirmed cameo roles includes Daredevil. The hero may not be the typical Marvel hero that can conquer space and time, but his inclusion in the movie will introduce a look into the streets. His presence will give an idea that Earth is also perishing and about to face more challenges as our superheroes get busy with each other and in facing foes in the intergalactic universe.

The much anticipated Marvel movie Captain America 3: Civil War will hit screen on 6 May, 2016.

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