CAKE takes TeamTO’s ‘Mighty Mike’ to MIPCOM 2018

‘Mighty Mike’
Kids’ entertainment specialist CAKE, will be premiering maverick slapstick comedy Mighty Mike, at MIPCOM this year. Produced by renowned French producer TeamTO, the 78 x 7’ dialogue-free chase cartoon features Mike, a refined pug with sophisticated tastes who, longs for a quiet life but is instead forced to defend his house from a bunch of furry intruders. Raccoons, turtles and Fluffy the Cat have a knack for showing up at the worst possible moments, dragging Mike into a series of unforeseen twists and turns! After his owners return, an exhausted Mike finds himself in the dog house once again, missing yet another opportunity to impress Cindy, the neighbour’s elegant dog. CAKE CCO and managing director Ed Galton commented, “We are very proud to be showcasing the first episodes of Mighty Mike at Cannes. The combination of high end visuals and classic cartoon storytelling makes for pure entertainment and we are looking forward to presenting this standout show to our buyers.” An original TeamTO production with Canada’s Digital Dimension, Mighty Mike is the first series to use TeamTO’s pioneering animation software, resulting in unprecedented photo- real animals with a level of expression that has not previously been achieved in a TV series. TeamTO development and production SVP Corinne Kouper added, “We have once again had the pleasure of producing a dialogue-free show but this time, we have rewritten the codes of animation, thanks to the photo-realistic rendering that has until now, been the exclusive reserve of feature film special effects. Mighty Mike’s unique artistic direction, together with its charming characters, anchors this series firmly in the 21st century.” Aimed at six to 10 year olds but with broader family appeal, Mighty Mike is set to air in 2019 internationally on Cartoon Network’s Boomerang channels, (in addition to Turner Kids channels Cartoon Network, Boing and POGO in selected markets) Family Channel in Canada, France Télévisions and Super RTL in Germany. CAKE handles the international distribution of the comedy excluding France, Germany and China.