Bublar to introduce Hello Kitty in AR gaming world

The Swedish game studio Bublar Group AB and Sanrio GmbH have tied to develop an Augmented Reality (AR) mobile game around Hello Kitty. The game will also include Sanrio’s characters like Little Twin StarsMy Melody and Gudetama. Scheduled 2019, the game will be published by Bublar with an introduction of new mobile technology which will allow fans to create and share small gifts in a virtual world.    “We are looking forward to bringing the beloved Hello Kitty and a variety of other Sanrio characters to the AR world. Hello Kitty has been creating smiles worldwide for almost 45 years,” said Bublar Group AB co-founder and CEO Magnus Granqvist. 
Artist’s representation image
Hello Kitty was born in London in 1974. Over the years, she has become one of the most unique and fascinating characters ever created, a global icon with relevance to adults and children of all ages, ethnicities and economic backgrounds as well as an inspiration to artists and designers. Her motto is: ‘you can never have too many friends’. It will be developed for the ‘real-world’ games genre and enable users to play with their smartphone devices while interacting with virtual characters connected to locations. Granqvist further added the vision behind the deal is “to merge the real and imaginary worlds together in a fun way, connecting Augmented Reality and digital content to real world locations.” “With this game, our passionate fan base can meet and engage with all Sanrios’ characters in mixed reality. We have been inspired by Bublar’s creative team and AR knowledge; their passion for creating innovative mobile games and apps is of the highest level,”quoted Sanrio GmbH chief operating officer Simon Gresswell.