‘Borderlands 3’ is set to have over a billion guns

Gearbox recently announced Borderlands 3 to the world with an impactful trailer full of personality and the Borderlands style that gamers were enamoured by last-generation. Borderland fans can’t contain the excitement. That said, while Gearbox dished a trailer boasts of a fair amount of the game, it didn’t really reveal any additional critical details. There’s no word on platforms, though you’d assume the game is coming to this-gen systems, and potentially next-gen systems as well. There’s information of a release date.

According to Gearbox, what’s particularly appealing, Borderlands 3 will have over 100 million guns. Wait, no, the trailer says the game will have over one billion guns.  This won’t be one billion unique guns, but one billion permutations. As you will know, Borderlands spells loot and gun customization, and apparently, there will be a lot of it this time around. In Borderlands 2 there were about 17 million different guns you could pack. If this is the case, then other looter-shooters are about to look tame in comparison. Gearbox has promised more information next month.  Unfortunately, at the moment, there is no word of a release date or specific platforms, but Gearbox did tease more information will come on 3 April 2018.