Best apps for NFL Fans

The NFL is one of the biggest and most popular sports leagues in the world and therefore it comes as no surprise to see a huge variety of mobile apps. A simple search on the Google Play store or Apple App Store brings up a great selection of NFL apps but what are the best apps for NFL fans?

The best place to begin is the official NFL app and this provides access to live local and primetime games. In addition, you will find a wealth of statistical information about the teams and players plus highlights of games and the latest NFL news. You can select your favourite team and watch highlights from their games and by accessing the Game Center, you will find live scoring and drive charts. As you would expect from the official NFL app, almost everything you could wish for as an NFL fan is available.

Millions of fans in the United States and around the world enjoy playing NFL fantasy sports games. You have a choice of mobile apps offering NFL fantasy games, with one of the best being DraftKings. The beauty of using an app such as DraftKings, is you can not only play a season long NFL fantasy game but also enjoy selecting rosters for individual NFL games. DraftKings is the official daily fantasy partner of the NFL and if you have never played fantasy sports, there is a handy beginners-only contest to get you started.

Thanks to the introduction of mobile betting in Illinois, NFL Fans in the state not only have access to the DraftKings fantasy sports app but also their sportsbook. Betting on the NFL is extremely popular and fans in Illinois now have a good selection of sportsbook apps.

If you would like to try your hand at playing NFL or coaching a team you should install the Madden NFL 21. Created by EA Sports, the Madden franchise has become one of the biggest in sports video gaming and you have the opportunity to become an NFL GM and play through an NFL season. The goal is to reach the Super Bowl and in Madden’s Masters, you can build a team of NFL superstars and legends, which is an extremely popular mode of the game. For those looking to taste a bit of the action for themselves, Madden NFL 21 is one of the best apps for NFL fans.

NFL trading cards have long been a hobby for fans of the game and the NFL Blitz app is a must have for any collector. Developed by Panini, the NFL Blitz app is the only licensed trading card and collecting app of the NFL and NFL Players Association. It is possible to collect thousands of signed digital NFL player cards and trade with other members of the app to get the cards you need for your collection. You can even use the cards to enter real-time contests and score points based on the real performance of the players.