Priyank Kharge announces a mega global technology summit at Bengaluru

Karnataka IT, BT and science and technology minister Priyank Kharge has confirmed that Bengaluru is all set to play hosts to the first ever mega global technology summit in November 2017.This landmark move by the state of Karnataka will no doubt bolster the AVGC industry.Having witnessed ground breaking evolution in technology, the IT,BT government machinery of Karnataka has come to a decision to scrap all the trivial events in favour of one, mega summit that would possibly have a global reach. Priyank Kharge said,“Be it IT, BT, nano, animation, gaming. There are so many technologies that have evolved. So we thought it is better to have one anchor event for the entire state and make it a global event.” In fact, he has also divulged that the brains behind this huge idea are some of the big players from the industry, such as Ravi Gururaj, Kris Gopalkrishnan, Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw as well as Nasscom, who suggested this scheme to him.
IT, BT and Science and Technology minister Priyank Kharge
Talking of all benefits that this summit would bring to the Garden city of India, Priyank beamed, “It will enhance Bengaluru’s brand as innovation and knowledge hub for emerging technologies.” Only recently had Karnataka renewed its AVGC policy, introducing newer schemes and stashing aside huge amounts to boost the AVGC sector in the state. And now, with the introduction of world summit, even sky doesn’t seem the limit for Karnataka in its progress scale. While several small scale events happened independently, the summit will house all these events at once with separate segments dedicated to technology sectors, thereby broadening their reach and also conducting the events on a greater platform. Onwards and excelsior!