Asli Hero with Asli Fun, Asli Oggy returns to Cartoon Network

The all-new seasons of Oggy and the Cockroaches is ready to return to Cartoon Network.The gentle blue feline is back to battle the pesky cockroaches once again! The real Oggy and the Cockroaches are back, with real fun and action on Cartoon Network! Joey, Dee Dee and Marky are set to make Oggy’s life miserable in fresh new episodes. But the true blue hero is all geared up to challenge their famed survival skills – through battles that have ensued since times immemorial! The new season dives into history, taking fans across the globe and showing them that the skirmishes and attacks between them have been eternal! Our hero runs into icons that changed the course of history, such as Caesar, Leonardo da Vinci and even Napoleon. The new season also brings an exciting mix of brand new stories and some classic chases that are sure to entertain fans and have them in splits. Featuring the usual favorites that make the show rip-roaringly funny, Jack and Olivia, the seasons are packed with delightful scenarios with Roman chariots, Egyptians pyramids and more! He fought with valor every time they raided his kitchen. He tried to outwit them relentlessly, armed with his trusted flyswatter. And now, fans can watch Oggy’s chivalry pitted against the antics of the cockroaches, on Cartoon Network from 14 August 2017 every Monday to Friday @ 6 PM. Watch the video of the new season here: