‘Battlefield V’ Firestorm Duos to release Next Month

Having officially received its most anticipated battle royale mode, Firestorm, earlier this week, Battlefield V saw players jumping into the map that comes along with the popular mode to withstand the great burning ring of fire as it closes in on all who drop in. There are only two ways to play Firestorm. Either you have to go solo, or you’re left teaming up with three others. However, it looks like those looking for more of a duo-focused sort of outing will soon have their wishes fulfilled as a duos mode will be hitting the stores next month. In a recent post on the EA website, the devs showcased a slate of content that will be coming for not only Firestorm but also Battlefield V itself. When it comes to the battle royale mode, however, it was noted that things will be improved with the Tides of War. “Note that Firestorm will be improved and expanded after launch for all Battlefield V players as part of Tides of War; Duo play, for instance, is coming for a limited time in April,” the post said. While we are sure that players are asking for a duo mode of the game right now, it will be exciting to see exactly how things play out as Firestorm develops. Battlefield V and Firestorm are both available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.