VFX Batman : Hush trailer dropped by Warner Bros. Animation

‘Batman: Hush’ trailer dropped by Warner Bros. Animation

Warner Bros. Animation have released the trailer for Batman: Hush, based on one of the most acclaimed Batman comics, the 12th issue-Hush in the last couple of decades. Penned by Jeph Loeb, with artwork by Jim Lee, Scott Williams and Alex Sinclair, the original from December 2002 to November 2003.

Batman: Hush is the 14th film in the DC animated movie universe and is set against the backdrop of Gotham City. Batman finds himself becoming more drawn to Catwoman romantically, while a mysterious figure, Hush watches from the shadows. Seemingly ahead of Batman at every turn, Hush manipulates his allies and enemies in an attempt to break both the Dark Knight and Bruce Wayne.

Batman: Hush finds the likes of Jason O’Mara as Batman, Jennifer Morrison as Catwoman, Jerry O’Connell as Superman, Rebecca Romijn as Lois Lane, Rain Wilson as Lex Luthor, Sean Maher as Nightwing, Vanessa Williams as Amanda Waller, Jason Spisak as the Joker, Peyton List as Poison Ivy and Maury Sterling as the eponymous titular villain, Hush.

Directed by Justin Copelan and written by Ernie Altbacker, this animated feature is expected to hit Blu-ray shelves and streaming services in late summer 2019.