Baobab Studios shares first look at ‘Baba Yaga’ immersive experience

Baobab Studios unveils a first look at their newest immersive experience, Baba Yaga, with a special “Work in Progress” presentation to take place at the Annecy International Animation Festival’s 2020 online edition. The presentation will debut on 15 June and be available to accredited festival viewers for the entire two-week event. The session will feature co-founder/CEO Maureen Fan, co-founder/CCO Eric Darnell and co-founder/CTO Larry Cutler. Directed by Darnell and co-directed by Mathias Chelebourg, Baba Yaga is a contemporary portrayal of the Eastern European legend inspired by illustrative 2D pop-up animation, hand-drawn and stop-motion styles, creating a modern visual language for VR inspired by classic animation. “While we wish we could actually be in Annecy meeting up with all our friends in the industry to celebrate the best in animation this month, we’re so happy to participate in the festival’s online programming with this first look at what we’ve been up to at Baobab with our newest film, Baba Yaga,” Darnell said. The presentation will reflect on many of the studio’s award-winning past films, from Asteroids!, Invasion! and Bonfire to Crow: The Legend, and discuss the studio’s unique approach to interactive filmmaking while offering a special sneak peek at Baba Yaga. The feature blends theater, cinema and animation into an experience that explores themes of empowerment and environmentalism.   Baba Yaga will premiere in multiple formats later this year.