VFX Assemblage Entertainment paid tribute to all the Maa's by revealing the poster of upcoming animated short

Assemblage Entertainment paid tribute to all the Maa’s by revealing the poster of upcoming animated short

On the occasion of Mother’s Day yesterday, Assemblage Entertainment announced the launch poster of its animated short film Maa. The film is being developed, designed, and produced in-house in CG animation at Assemblage Entertainment. Arjun Madhavan serves as its executive producer and the film is based on the original concept from writer Anurag Bhomia. 

Maa is a heart-rendering story based on the universal emotion of a mother’s love. The short film is high on its emotional appeal and one that will strongly resonate with audiences globally, across geographies and cultures. It aims to strike a chord with all its viewers, young and old, and highlights the role of a mother as a social, moral and emotional compass in our lives.

“The effort is to spur a creative dialogue within the studio, the industry and to showcase to the world, yet another simple yet powerful story emanating from India that has a far and wide emotional connect,” said Madhavan.

The title poster of the film is a mark to the continued progress on the film and the team at Assemblage is excited to share the animated short with everyone in the coming months.

Assemblage Entertainment which is based out of Mumbai, India is the animation studio behind the feature Arctic Dogs. Released in 2019, the family adventure follows an arctic fox (Jeremy Renner) who works in a mailroom but dreams of being one of the Arctic’s star husky couriers. To prove his worth, he steals a package and sets out to deliver it to its secret location—but what begins as a fun adventure soon turns dangerous, as he encounters a villain hiding in a fortress.

The animated feature is now trending on Netflix US. “Thrilled to hear that Arctic Dogs, the CG animated feature film, is trending in the United States as one of the leading and most viewed movies on Netflix — very encouraging for the entire team! Proud to be part of this feature,” said, Assemblage Entertainment head of business & strategy and a co-executive producer of the film Arjun Madhavan.