Another anticipated Alien series in making from graphic illustrator Charbak Dipta

Imagination is perhaps the best thing human beings are endowed with. It’s this prized gift that enables us to create various distinct concepts and ideas. Art, as a field, has a plethora of creations that are born out of vivid imaginations. One such upcoming artist is Charbak Dipta-graphic poet, illustrator and cartoonist. Known for his political satires, independent illustrations, graphic poems and the much appreciated alien series- Indian Aliens and International Aliens, Dipta has already carved a niche for himself in the industry.
The Alien Beatles (part of ‘International Alien’ series)
After having represented the country in several global platforms and Comic-Cons, such as Comic Fiesta in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, London Film and Comic-Con and Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo (C2E2), Dipta is now ready to come up with a new Alien series, to be out in a few weeks.   The series, which is an extension of International Aliens series, will find alien adaptations of prominent non-Indian personalities from the past with many twists, layers and interpretations.
Charbak Dipta at Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo(C2E2)
Exclusively sharing this news to AnimationXpress, Dipta revealed that the series will feature alien versions of Charlie Chaplin, Che Guevara, Beethoven, Agatha Christie, Hitler, Dylan, Dali to name a few. “As an artist apart from daily life, I take inspiration from Dali’s surrealism, Chaplin’s satire, Dylan’s propaganda or Beethoven’s symphony and so on. So this International Aliens series is like an ode to the great masters from whose works I tried learning the craft of art. Again, previously I worked with mostly Indian themes and figures in my alien works. So this is an escape from that and broadening the canvas beyond the political borders,” mentioned Dipta. Apart from relying solely on imagination, he has also been quite vocal about social issues ranging from racism, rape, political corruption and moral policing through his works. Besides the alien series, he’s also working on multiple projects that has kept him very busy lately. The line-up includes, a city based art project with Kalakriti India (the Hyderabad based art gallery and one of the most prominent name in the business) that will see how he has taken Kolkata as his muse and converted its landmarks in other worldly manner, comic adaptations of Indian folktales with a prominent publisher and a regular comic landscape feature with a Gujarati comic magazine Cartoon Selfie. Dipta is indeed a versatile artist who draws inspiration from his studies of philosophy, world cinema, film theory and music. He records his thoughts and perceptions of art, in the form of illustration expanding each one into a full length story and thus the title of a graphic storyteller fits him aptly. Dipta has also penned his debut graphic novel, ZERO: Indian Aliens’ Adventure. Based on the discovery of the scripture by Aryabhatta depicting his invention of zero in an alien planet, the book was sold at Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo getting many positive responses and feedback mails from America and Chicago respectively. The book is currently under process and will be launched soon.   With the kind of precision and determination he’s moving ahead in this domain, we can surely expect more exciting projects from him in the near future!