AnimationXpess is all set to reward excellence in the VFX sector. Send in your entries now

While VAM Summit is designed to bring together the VFX industry leaders across the world under one roof to reflect on the trends and developments in every aspect ranging from best practices to business to technology, VAM Awards is India’s most premier, comprehensive and full-scale VFX awards; a part of our endeavour to shine a spotlight on the best in the business and honour the VFX practitioners across the country and beyond.

From being known as an outsourcing and post-production hub to producing high-quality domestic projects, the Indian visual effects industry has come a long way. Be it a feature film, advertisement, serial or music video, VFX is everywhere!

With increasing budgets, OTT proliferation and an ever-increasing appetite for visually-rich content, VFX has been on an upwards trajectory with dozens of new VFX studios mushrooming up and churning out groundbreaking content year after year. Over the past decade, we have also witnessed new technologies and techniques being adopted to deliver some of the best VFX work. Artists are making innovative use of new tools and emerging technologies to create stunning content which deserves its due attention and recognition in the ecosystem. 

The behind the scenes heroes need to be brought to the limelight for their contribution to the motion picture industry.

Be it a boutique studio, a student’s project, or a big-ticket movie or an OTT premium original scene that participants have worked on, AnimationXpress encourages all VFX artists to send in their entries, tagging their works in the relevant categories. Right from a compositing artist, FX technical director, FX animator, multimedia artist, VFX artist, VFX supervisor, roto artist to software developer, CG supervisor, director or a producer, VAM Awards is open to all! (freelancers/studios/agencies/production houses)

Our team is dedicated to plucking the artistry of VFX professionals across the country from obscurity and recognising their VFX prowess.

Our jury list includes some of the best names from India and abroad who are going to virtually judge each and every entry rigorously using various parameters set for the awards in service of the initiative to further the domestic VFX scenario. 

AnimationXpress is all set to honour the best in the business with India’s premier full-scale VFX awards; the VAM Awards or vammies as we call them. For more information, visit the website or reach out to our team.

Note: The videos should have been running/live for public viewing, between the period of 1 April 2019 to 30 November 2020. There is no language barrier but the content and the VFX studio should be from India.

Know more about the Rules & Regulations: