Animated series, ‘Wakfu’ season four hits kickstarter goal in one hour

French animated series Wakfu from animation and games studio Ankama, launched a kickstarter campaign on 8 June to produce fourth season, and hit its funding goal in just one hour! The funds will now allow Ankama to co-create the fourth season with total creative freedom. The game was released in 2012, a few years later than the premiere of the first animated series, Wakfu. The events in animated series are set in around 1000 years after the Ankama’s game Dofus (released in 2006). Wakfu follows the adventures of Yugo, an adopted boy who discovers he has extraordinary powers. While searching for his roots with his old friend Ruel, he befriends the red-headed warrior Percedal, a princess named Amalia and her bodyguard Evangelyne, before eventually finding his dragon brother Adamai. Together, they have grand adventures, share moments of joy and pain, and make their way through all kinds of danger. Together, they become the Brotherhood of the Tofu. Ankama revealed that the fourth season would be the final season on 7 May. The fourth season is in its development phase; hence, it will be very difficult to predict the release date. The series now includes three seasons and five special episodes, available worldwide on Netflix. The cast will include voice artists from previous seasons. Fanny Bloc (French version) and Erika Harlacher (English dub) as Yugo, Adeline Chetail (French) and Christine Marie Cabanos (English dub) as Princess Amalia Sheran Sharm, Laurent Morteau (French version) and Joe Ochman (English dub) as Qilby and many others.