An innocent girl writes a letter to Satan instead of Santa in animated short ‘Dear Satan’

Christmas is round the corner and festive mood in the air. Where something related to the festival is coming up every moment as usual, something unusual like Dear Satan pops up. Now you’d wonder how Satan is related to Christmas. Look closely, it is just a typo! An animated short by Anomaly London, Dear Satan tells the story of a little girl who writes a letter to Santa but due to an innocent mistake, addresses it to Satan. The letter reaches Satan in hell and what unfolds afterwards is a sweet and hilarious tale. Stories generally revolve around the typical festival themes of Santa Claus, Christmas and gifts. Here is an animated short that breaks the stereotypes and portrays the dark themes in quite a lucid manner, making it a fun-watch. Dear Satan is written by Alex Bingham, Conrad Swanston, Craig Ainsley; narrated by Patrick Stewart and animated by  Ben Pearse, Joao Pereira, Tom Malins. The animation direction is by Ben White with direction by Alex Bingham, Ben White and Conrad Swanston.