AMD Radeon Pro gears up to give a glimpse of their professional graphics solutions at the media and Entertainment IT Summit at Hyderabad

With the growing demand for technology that can catch up with the quantum of work across the AVGC industry, studios are aiming to rapidly evolve and incorporate advanced mechanisms that can facilitate the ease of workflow of the industry processes.

India has witnessed a tremendous growth of content over the past decade which has naturally led to an increase in the demand for advanced computing devices that can accommodate the burgeoning breadth of projects across the industry.

Having made its mark globally, AMD has successfully emerged as a formidable name and a go-to brand for solving the complex issues that are faced by the industry professionals during their production workflows regularly.

Media Entertainment I.T Summit at Hyderabad is poised to give a glimpse of a whole range of services and hardware technologies that AMD provides to ease the workflow of the production studios which can help Indian professionals to enhance their projects and produce quality content at a faster rate. AMD aims to address the challenges faced by animation and VFX professionals in relation to the expectations of meeting the tough deadlines and maintaining the quality of content at the same time.

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