All you need to know about ‘Call of Duty: Mobile’ season 6 ‘Once Upon a Time in Rust’ update

Call Of Duty Ahoy! Cowboy boots, hats, and vintage guns — all boxes ticked. Riding the range, much-anticipated Call of Duty: Mobile Season 6 Once Upon a Time in Rust galloped its way to millions of mobile phones and COD Mobile fans went bananas. With nearly the entire planet reduced to a pandemic-induced house-arrest, playing video games has become the biggest saviour from the thrum of tedium. Cashing in on lockdown, Tencent and Activision dropped their best Season 6 update to give the fans a new direction and flavour of gaming experience amid the quarantine. “Once Upon a Time in Rust brings, new maps, new game modes, new events and even more rewards to earn! And with the new season comes a new sheriff: Ghost – Cowboy. Earn a new functional weapon, an Operator Skill, Battle Royale class, and a host of new weapon skins. Plus, get ready to compete in the inaugural Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship 2020 Tournament, featuring a prize pool with more than $1 million in prize money,” reads the Activision’s official blog post. It’s been five days since the launch of Once Upon a Time in Rust and here is what we think about the new season: Modes: Once Upon a Time in Rust launches with new modes like Capture the Gold, a twist on the classic Capture the Flag Multiplayer mode, and the brand new 1v1 Duel. In Capture the Gold, players must capture the enemy team’s pot of gold and carry it back to their spawn. Similar to Capture the Flag, protect the gold carrier and deliver the pot of gold to score points for their team. Decide their role and choose between protecting their team’s gold, working to capture and deliver the pot of gold to their team’s spawn, or slaying enemies to clear the objective path for teammates. Be on your guard, particularly around pots of gold. The best way to play this mode is to split the team in half where one half sets a journey to capture gold and the other half will stay standby to protect the team’s gold. Maps: The classic fan favourite map is back and honestly, it has made my heart pump fast. Season 6: Once Upon a Time in Rust is a unique Wild West-themed update and the map is around the vantage point at the top of the central tower, therefore the map is a bit circular in shape compared to other existing maps.If you are playing with your friends then best way to take over the enemies is to split the team members into two sections and cover the east and the west side of the tower at a time. However, the tower has secret places where the enemies may hide so the players need to be very careful while on a killing spree. The map has obstacles, and long trail ramp to reach the tower which gives the vibe of the old rusted industry and justifies the name. Along with the new map, there is ongoing rust dust event going on where a player can play a range of game modes on Rust and complete a list of objectives to earn some western-themed gear and may test gear to earn M4 – Bandit, Backpack – Desert Snake and more. Here is deathmatch gameplay on map Rust: Apart from that for the first time, players will face off 1v1 in a new map, Saloon, a new map designed specifically for this mode. A player will be able to select their loadout, to consider packing a diverse punch for handling any situation that may come across. The first to seven kills wins the round, and the player who wins the best of three rounds takes the match. Rewards can be earned during future events in 1v1 and capture the gold. Weekly challenges, rewards, and special themed events Along with everyday login rewards, every week, there is a host of new in-game challenges to complete, with free items to unlock. Each challenge features a set of tasks with a reward for completing each one. Once a player completes the first task, he/she will earn the reward and unlock the next task on completion the entire set leads to earning major goods. The first two of these multi-step challenges offers players the opportunity to earn one functional weapon for completing each challenge. Finishing both will lead to add the Locus sniper rifle and the Pharo SMG to players stash. Consecutive daily logins will net you increasingly better and unique rewards, including soldiers, operator skills, weapons, perks, crates, credits, and more. Starting from 7 May in the season there will be the marquee gold rush event challenges where players get chance to collect gold bars which can be exchanged for exclusive event rewards, including an epic gun! There are two ways to scavenge gold bars: collect them in kill confirmed and in Battle Royale. In kill confirmed, players drop dog tags upon death. Score points by picking up these dog tags while denying the enemy team of doing the same by picking up the tags dropped by your fallen teammates. During the Gold Rush event, earn a gold bar every time one confirmed a kill by collecting a downed enemy’s dog tag. When the player confirmed a teammate’s kill,  both of them may earn a gold bar. There are also themed events throughout the year, such as Halloween, Christmas and New Year. All of these come with different challenges and new rewards. Introduction of Call of Duty: Mobile esports With the launch of the new season first, ever Call of Duty: Mobile esports has been introduced a prize pool with more than $1 million in prize money. Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship 2020 commenced on 30 April, there are more ways to get in on the action and test players skills at the next level. Each weekend from 30 April – 24 May, eligible players ranked veteran or higher (rank earned through Multiplayer Ranked Mode) will have a chance to play to win Call of Duty: Mobile in-game rewards and some will individually qualify for Stage 2 for a chance to earn even more rewards. Anyone with rank Vetaran I or above can participate. Once registered the player needs to play ten ranked matches during the weekends and have to score 80 points to next level of the tournament. During this period ranked matches offer more XPS on winning which will help in an increase of your rank and level while losing ranked matches may lead to decrease of XP depending on the performance of the players. Once upon a Time in Rust Battle Pass The Once Upon a Time in Rust Battle Pass adds a new functional weapon — the Outlaw. First featured in Black Ops 4, the Outlaw is a powerful bolt-action sniper rifle that unlocks at Tier 12. At Tier 25 you’ll gain access to the powerful Annihilator, a new Operator Skill that is capable of taking out enemies in a single shot. Ghost – Cowboy and the Outlaw – Heat Stroke kicks off the Premium Pass at Tier 1. The character and weapon help for a long-range shoot out. Later in the Premium Pass at Tier 12, get Seraph-Desperada in her western-themed threads. Apart from that, there is a frontier justice draw crate where one may buy Serpah- Tombstone which is a masked woman character and she is fun to play. Heat Stroke camo series, weapons emblazoned with fiery camos are scattered throughout the Premium Pass at Tiers 1 (Outlaw) 20 (M4 LMG) and 30 (LK24). Dedicated gunslingers can also progress through the pass to unlock the MSMC Wild West camo at Tier 50. In addition to these Premium Pass unlockables, players will find Call of Duty Points, Credits, and Crates gives access to a trove of gear, weapon skins, camos, and more. Alongside the Outlaw and Annihilator, players will also earn new camos like the Bandit, Sand Dunes, or Desert Snake camos for multiple weapons and Credits, the in-game currency can also be used to purchase even more goods.