Agaram Animation Studio’s ‘The Turboosters’ to premiere on Sonic at 10 am tomorrow

Indian animation is soon getting new superheroes in the form of Jamie and his friends with the 70 minute feature film The Turboosters. The movie recently bagged the Best FICCI-BAF (Best Animated Frames) (India) award and Agaram takes pride to be the first production house from Chennai to ever bag this award since the start of the award in 2004. Speaking to A.K Sudhakar, who is the director of the movie, says: “We are really pleased with the accolades received for our work and are glad to now associate with Nick India, who have been very encouraging and also acquired the telecast rights for our film.” The Turboosters is set to premiere on Nick’s sister channel Sonic tomorrow, 11 May at 10:00 am. It is targeted for the age group between 6-12 years, and has a sci-fi and adventure theme. Agaram InfoTech began its journey in April 2010 with three IT professionals Arun, Tamilalagan and Dhinakaran coming together to create a kingdom of their own. Their success knew no limitations as they instantaneously started to expand their horizons on software development, 2D animations and techno gadgets supplies. The first movie for the team was Howzatt, which was done by April, 2011. Following this Agaram worked for the movie Hanuman – The Immortal, Sakthiman – Part I in October, 2011, followed by Kumbh Karan and later Sakthiman – Part II. The success of these movies brought the studio more clients from various parts of the world. Speed Racer and Mazameer were two other movies that Agaram did for its clients. The key element for its success story was the team. After receiving good feedback from the clients the team was confident to produce its own 2D animated 70 minute feature film. “The current generation needs an inspiring story to enhance their life and studies. Kids are mostly engrossed with cartoon channels and programs. Agaram strongly felt that this medium can be used to attract the children towards good value systems and an interest in their studies. This aim and intention gave boost to our new creation, The Turboosters,” expounds Sudhakar. The story and characters were visualised by A.K Sudhakar. Script writer Abhishek Krishnan has come out with the strong screenplay and he has used the heights of creativity in creating the characters and also the content flow. The story comes out with the entire aroma needed to attract the attention at a kid’s zone. Sudhakar has eminently sculptured in bringing out the characters to a beguiling form. “I wish to roll out new characters among the Indian and international audience in the future which shall remain in their hearts for decades. I am certain that ‘Jamie’ and ‘The Turboosters’ can give ‘Chhota Bheem’ a run for its money”, claims Sudhakar. The storyline revolves around Bloo’s academy, an international residential school. Bloo’s academy was founded by late Bloo Jones, who was a scientist and invented a powerful secret formula that could generate huge amount of energy. When there is a good invention eventually the bad shall always want to take over it! It comes in the name of Skeler. Now, Jamie and his friends Sana and Wicky, use Bloo’s powers to avenge Skeler’s desperate attempt to attack the academy. Jamie, Sana and Wicky, who are now the ‘The Turboosters’, have the responsibility of safeguarding Bloo’s Academy. “There were around 25 animators working on the film and it took nearly 7 months from start to end to produce. We are confident of our product and the BAF award backs our claim,” he exults. “We had approached a couple of broadcasters and are glad to have associated with a brand like Nick, who have supported us well and encouraged us along the way.” Agaram has been a regular exhibitor at MIPCOM and MIPJUNIOR at Cannes, France and has had a good reception among the animation fraternity. It has been present at the ATF fair in Singapore for the past three years as well. “We are already working on Pette The Prince, which will have a lot of humour elements in it. We have approached both Nick and Cartoon Network for the film and once we strike a deal with either of the broadcasters we will finish work on the project,” reveals Sudhakar, on the future projects at the studio. The series revolves around a little kingdom with a few preeminent characters that have their own distinguished characteristics. Prince Pette is one of the most predominant characters in the complete series. The entire story line revolves around Prince Pette. He is the only heir to a Kingdom that is in the verge of its collapse because of the deteriorating state of King Zera. Keji, the King’s secretary has all his eyes on the throne. With the novelty of ideas and themes brought into the television production fraternity, Pette The Prince sets yet another example of a fresh and unique animated series that looks at delivering creativity combined with humor, thrill and surprises. With his final thoughts on The Turboosters, Sudhakar says: “Agaram is proud of the film and we will soon be looking at taking the property to global markets. We are just hoping that the film earns good TVTs so that we can better promote the film further.” The management is also looking to spread another wing very soon with Agaram Animation Academy that will serve as a hub in producing creative talents. The academy is expected to reap more young talents in the near future who would be well equipped in the latest techniques used in 2D and 3D animation industry.