After ‘The Magic Order’, Mark Millar and Netflix set for second comic franchise ‘Prodigy’

Even before the frenzy whipped up by the first collaborative publication The Magic Order could subside, Netflix and Millarworld announced its next comic book series in line Prodigy, penned once again by genius mind of Mark Millar. The superstar artist selected to bring this idea to the printed page is Brazilian superstar Rafael Albuquerque, whom Millar previously worked on the popular comic-book Huck. Prodigy also marks the second comic book franchise since Mark Millar joined Netflix, and is slated to hit the comic stands on 5 December 2018. The first outing, The Magic Order, previously hit stands on 13 June 2018 and became the biggest selling new comic-book franchise in nearly 20 years. In his next venture, the eminent Scottish comic book writer probes the adventure of a go-to guy for governments around the world when a problem arises they just can’t handle. A Nobel-Prize winning scientist, a genius composer, an Olympic-level athlete and an expert in the occult, Edison Crane, the name of the titular character, is as addicted to the mysteries of the world as he is to sitting at the top of the Fortune 500. This also marks his first published adventure. “I gave myself a challenge when I created Prodigy. I wanted to write the smartest thing I’ve ever written and at the same time top any action set-pieces I’ve ever managed in the past and I honestly couldn’t be happier with how this has turned out.” said Millarworld president and chief creative officer Mark Millar. “Edison Crane is by far the best character I’ve created in my career and I’m delighted that my genius friend Rafa Albuquerque is drawing the comic-book side of all this. He’s really one of the best artists in the world. I can’t wait to share this with everyone. This really is a beaut and we’re incredibly proud of it,” beamed the 48-year old. Millarworld is a subsidiary of the Netflix after Mark Millar agreed to produce original comics for the popular OTT platform in a landmark agreement that was revealed last August.