VFX Action-packed, VFX loaded Simmba charms the audience

Action-packed, VFX loaded ‘Simmba’ charms the audience

His mantra in life is to do ‘beimaani with full imaandaari’. Simmba, portrayed by Ranveer Singh does all he could as the corrupt police officer in this massy entertainer. Ranveer’s charm keeps us wanting for more even though he is playing a not so good cop at the beginning of the film. His leading lady Sara Ali Khan got to play a crucial but little role, but she managed to look breathtakingly beautiful.

The Rohit Shetty film, which shows the protagonist with swag larger than life is very massy and connects with the common-man. One cannot miss to feel a sense of pride when Ranveer dorns his khakhi and his subordinate Mohile, played by Ashutosh Rana finally salutes him. The emotions are uplifted when Simmba, with all the love he has to give creates his own family despite being an orphan.

With visual effects playing a huge role in this action films, Simmba’s entry is a perfect example to show how VFX have made action sequences easier. Creative head Naveen Paul and senior VFX supervisor Ranadheer Reddy from NY VFXWAALA  have done a great job in showing the old era cities and the action sequences. Singham’s entry during the climax scene is VFX heavy with Devgn getting out of his car while the vehicle glides and adjusts itself in the frame. Aankh Maare stands out for its high energy beat and good VFX work, with the sparks and lights in the background, lighting at the perfect moments during the song.

With the picturesque locations of Switzerland, the romantic song between the leading ‘jodi’ gives audience all the masala required in a Bollywood film. The second half of the film is very much obvious with the bad guy turning into a good one, but Ranveer’s energy and charisma saves the later half.

There are many moments one can go and watch the film for including Ajay Devgn, the original Singham’s cameo. Shetty leaves behind a climax shot with another superstar ready to make you whistle in another upcoming movie.

Shetty has smartly induced two of his upcoming films through Simmba. With Golmaal gang featuring in the song, Ankh Marey, there is a hint of Golmaal 5 coming soon for the audience, and Akshay Kumar’s cameo as Veer Sooryavanshi at the end of the movie leaves audience surprising and excited for another story. The story is not at all unique, but Shetty’s execution and the live-wire performance of Ranveer makes it a ‘paisa wasool’ experience.