‘A Silent Voice’ anime film gets English trailer and US release date

In 2016, Your Name directed by Makoto Shinkai was the biggest theatrical hit in Japan, animated and otherwise. The film was a rage worldwide as well. Less than a month after it hit theatres, another beautiful anime film saw its release in Japan. A Silent Voice follows the shifting relationship between male lead Shoya and female lead Shoko, through their first meeting in elementary school, Shoya’s heartless bullying of the deaf girl, and his attempts to reconcile with her and redeem himself once they meet again as teens. This fall, moviegoers in the US will also get to see the critically acclaimed feature. Ahead of its US release next month, a trailer has arrived online for the upcoming anime feature. Synopsis: “A Silent Voice follows the poignant and moving story of Shoya Ishida, a school bully, and Shoko Nishimiya, a young girl with a hearing disability. Their story begins in sixth grade when Shoko transfers to Shoya’s elementary school and quickly finds herself bullied and isolated due to her hearing disability. Years later, the tables turn, and Shoya finds himself the victim. A Silent Voice depicts the struggles and challenges of adolescence alongside coming-of-age outside the norm.” Directed by Naoko Yamada, the film is based on Yoshitoki Oima’s manga of the same name. A Silent Voice is set to release on 20 October, 2017 in the States.