A comic you must read when in ‘The Friend Zone’

The Comic Space’s Rahul Bhandare after successfully gaining audience for his previous comic series Circuit Therapy is bringing us another quirky comic. Have you ever felt a deep connection with someone?  Day dreamt about that special someone? But the special one thinks of you as ‘just a friend’? Alas, that’s bad! Being friend-zoned can be awkward and pretty funny at times. For all the friend zoned people there, Bhandare is here with a comic dedicated just for you. To take away your blues and make you fall in love with yourself first.  As quirky as he can get, the new series are going to be nothing less than laughs and gigs for the readers. “What if after being rejected you went to an actual place called ‘The Friend Zone’? That’s the theme for this web-comic series!” said an excited Bhandare. The theme expects readers to look at the different emotions and thoughts running through their sometimes overworked minds. The series will comprise of seven chapters, with each focusing on some idea or emotion around dealing with rejection – denial, running away, pitying yourself, being in pain, all leading to a final choice for the lead character. This comic comes from Bhandare’s own awkward experiences and hence, the making of the series involved a surprising amount of self-reflection. “I didn’t really start with the intent of creating something that would be so long. But part six onwards, the story just demanded more work. Drawing the pit in which Giddu is trapped, the song sequences, and the final sea chapter, involved working lovingly, with lots of patience,” he added. The Friend Zone focuses on two sides, one about dealing with rejection and the other side goes a bit deeper showing readers how the mind complicates our life. Everyone carries those embarrassing memories and has gone through rejection sometime. “This comic is a fun way to just laugh at all of that and keep things simple. I hope the comic helps younger generation to tackle the sensitive issue of rejection,” Bhandare expressed. Bhandare shared the synopsis of The Friend Zone with AnimationXpress and it goes like this: Giddu, our typical average guy, falls in love. On getting rejected he finds himself transported to a strange empty land called ‘The Friend Zone’. Now the voice of the admin for this weird place, taunts Giddu as he blunders around trying to find an exit. But once you’re in love, is there really any sort of exit? Giddu discovers the rather simple answer. “This personal project has been special. I’ve really enjoyed the work. Hope readers like the story!” concluded Bhandare. Bhandare plans to take the comic on other websites soon, but as of now, the readers can enjoy them on The Comic Space. After reading the  few comic strips he shared exclusively with us, I’m sure you want to read the entire series right away.