VFX 9 Story Media to rebrand Toronto animation arm as Brown Bag Films -

9 Story Media to rebrand Toronto animation arm as Brown Bag Films

9 Story Media Group’s Toronto animation studio is being re-branded to Brown Bag Films while 9 Story Media Group remains the parent company.

9 Story acquired Dublin and Manchester based Brown Bag Films in 2015 and since that time, has been undergoing a process to integrate its three animation studios. Brown Bag Films will operate as the company’s creative hub for both 2D and 3D animation across Toronto, Dublin and Manchester.

Tanya Green will maintain her position as VP-production for Brown Bag Films Canada while Gillian Higgins will continue as VP-production for Brown Bag Films Europe. Sarah McQuire will be director of operations UK. Darragh O’Connell will remain the creative director for Brown Bag Films, working with directors across each of its locations. Cathal Gaffney will continue as managing director for Brown Bag Films, and as chief operating officer for 9 Story Media Group.


9 Story Media Group president and CEO Vince Commisso said, “Since becoming our group COO in 2016, Cathal Gaffney has been harmonising our three studios to operate under a unified set of standards. All three locations have benefited tremendously from sharing best practices, talent and infrastructure. The combined studio entity becomes a powerful creative hub from which to produce some of the best animation in the world.”

Brown Bag Films is known for its work on series such as Doc McStuffins, Octonauts, Nella The Princess Knight and Peter Rabbit. 9 Story’s Toronto studio has been known for its popular 2D series, such as Daniel Tiger’s Neighbourhood, Peg + Cat, Wild Kratts, 3 Amigonauts and the recently premiered The Magic School Bus: Rides Again.

“9 Story has an incredible history of producing best-in-class animation, and pushing the boundaries of technology,” said 9 Story Media COO and Brown Bag Films managing director Cathal Gaffney. “Brown Bag Films now is a global force with the best talent in the industry across 2D and 3D animation. We are committed to putting the creative first, and producing the highest-quality, cross platform animation with strong stories and engaging characters.”