Genflix MD Jimmy Kim elaborates on the OTT ecosystem

Indonesia is all geared up for the golden age of  OTT that goes by the name of Genflix. Predominantly Indonesian in all its hues and tones, Genflix is also aiming to provide diversified content. Headed by industry veteran, Jimmy Kim, who led Globecast Asia before this and MNC Media prior as SVP,  Genflix is increasingly becoming a household name in Indonesia with over seven hundred thousand subscribers.  Besides being the content partner for Google Chromecast, the company has stitched partnerships with major telcos and payment gateways.
Genflix MD Jimmy Kim
Genflix’s managing director Kim spoke to AnimationXpress about his take on the OTT scenario and future plans. Excerpts: Do you see India as a market? India is great market for any content player but I also understand foreign players need strong partnership with local. For now, our focus is more on South East Asia How many subscribers do you have? 700 thousand paying subscribers. What’s your content like? Is it catalogue content or library content? Library content also. Content from here and there everywhere. What’s the business model for the content provider? Basically, we pay the content providers. How big is the operation? How many people working? For Genflix, around 25. Tell us about your partnerships. We have associations with telcos from our strategic investors. We will continue working with external partners, including additional telcos. We are exploring many M&As and strategic partnership options as well.
What are your plans for ATF this year? We want to show how Genflix is building an ecosystem with multiple production houses’ partnerships. Is Genflix around four million dollar business currently? As per revenue, it is less than $4 million dollars.. How many hours of content do you have? Original content? Originals, we don’t have much because we have started very recently but in terms of hours, we have roughly 10 thousand hours of content. That’s catalogue coming from? Coming from Viacom, coming from Warner. from everywhere. Which is your tent-pole catalogue? Running Men from Korea. One of my production houses in Indonesia will be an arm of Kakao M. You will be producing the local version? Yes, we are exploring things like this. How do you expect to grow the business? Media takes time, OTT takes time. This will be a B2B platform. My focus will be the production house. So you are creatively inclined? We can generate meaningful revenue from multiple IPs like Running Men. Celebrities are getting costlier, aren’t they? That’s why we are running our own talent management business. We sign contracts with them that are favourable.