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Indian indies share their NGDC 2017 agenda!

With the Nasscom Game Developers Conference just around the corner, the plans and agenda from the side of the indie developers of the country seem to be already concrete. We spoke to some of the indies about their plans for the ninth edition of the event and it seems everybody is looking forward to it!

Here’s what the studios said about their plans for this year’s NGDC!

Xigma Games:

NGDC is a great event for game developers in India and this year Unite is taking place alongside which makes it the biggest NGDC ever so we are really excited and looking forward to attend the event. This year we are just planning to attend talks, network and catch up with fellow Indie developers. We have also submitted our game ‘The Bonfire : Forsaken Lands’ in upcoming game of the year category and planning to show it around to gather some feedback. The quality of games we see at NGDC has been increasing year by year and this year we are expecting to see even better quality games and really looking forward to try out some of the new upcoming titles from Indian developers.

UnderDOGS Studios:

Around seven people from underDOGS will be at the event this year. Our game ‘Mukti’ is selected for “Made with Unity Showcase” 2017 and we will be showcasing the game at both NGDC and Unite. The team is primarily looking to take some amazing feedback from the gamers visiting the event for the game which will eventually help make the game better. The team also participated in BYOG this year and our game ‘Till The Dawn, Waiting’ is among the top five finalists and we’ll be showcasing the game as well. Along with few important talks, we are looking to connect with fellow developers and see the trends in the industry as well as see some new games. UnderDOGS CEO Vaibhav Chavan will be speaking at the event on the game ‘Mukti’. On the other hand, investors and publishing pitches might help in understanding the scenario better.  
As said earlier, the crucial part is getting the gamers in India playtest the game and get some quality feedback to make the game better. We feel that being India’s biggest gaming event, NGDC can prove as a great marketing platform for our game ‘Mukti’ and we will be utilising the opportunity to spread the word as much as we can. We are hoping to get connected to some awesome folks in the industry which may help in growing the business. We are also hoping to get some insights, tips and tricks from the talks that might help in the development. 

Roosh Interactive:

We want to showcase our upcoming game ‘Zombie Bloxx’ at the event and gather as much feedback as possible from our peers. To connect with the community! It’s exciting to see what your peers are developing and I love playing their games! There is a sense of pride in the fact that we as a gaming community have come this far in the span of maybe last 15 years.

All In a Days Play:

Our plans for NGDC 2017, mostly revolve around our upcoming Steam game ‘Movie Studio Tycoon’. ‘Movie Studio Tycoon’ is a sim, tycoon game about managing a movie studio and we plan to use NGDC 2017 to spread awareness about this game. 
 The co-founder of the company, Abhinav Sarangi is also a speaker on the tech track at NGDC, and will do a tech postmortem on ‘Movie Studio Tycoon’, where he will talk about things they wish they knew before they started developing a PC game. The aim of the talk is to help developers who are starting out in game development to be able to better plan their game projects. Expectations from the event is same as always, meet old friends in the industry, make new friends, and get inspired to continue our game development journey. 

Dropout Games:

We have a few early and mid games that we’ll be showcasing mainly to get some feedback from the visitors. We’re also going to meet some partners we’re working with and some potential collaborators. We’ll be pitching at ‘Upcoming Game of the Year’ if shortlisted with our game ‘Play God’. We’re also launching our new title ‘Wayout’ next month, so we’ll be looking to find some press for the same. That’s pretty much it. Ah yes, we’re definitely looking forward to meet and catch up with as many people as possible.

We’ve got a bunch of meetings setup. Looking forward to explore some partnerships as well as maintain some old ones. We’ll also be meeting some of our partners that we’re currently working with. Expecting to have a great meeting with them and take things forward smoothly and as always, a great beer and biryani experience.

Nodding Heads Games:

We will be present at our booth, which is located opposite the Expo stage and will be showcasing our playable Kickstarter demo for ‘Raji: An Ancient Epic’. Our art team will be doing a talk called “The Art of Raji” on 9 November at 4:45pm, and it’s filling up fast, so confirm your seat/s as soon as possible. We are also looking forward to meet investors and publishers.
We’re looking forward to meeting folks from all walks of the industry and interacting with our increasing fan base. This is a very exciting time for the team, not only is it our first event as a team, which is enthralling in itself, but we’re also hopeful that this event will provide a boost to our Kickstarter campaign.

Seems like everybody is all set to explore new opportunities and build up on the existing friendships with some beer and biryani!

NGDC 2017 opens on 9 November and goes on till 11 November.