VFX Hungama Kids aims to bring the age-appropriate content to Kids

“Hungama Kids aims to bring the age-appropriate content to Kids” : Soumini Sridhara Paul

There’s hardly any kid nowadays who’s not aware of smartphone and its usage. In fact, they are quite equipped in using it quite comfortably and efficiently. With the increase of internet penetration and easy access, parents are always conscious of what kind of content their kids are consuming and what applications are they using frequently.

Soumini Sridhara Paul

Keeping this thought in mind,  Hungama Digital has launched a new OTT platform, Hungama Kids, especially for kids, parents, and teachers to access content created and curated for them. Launched in the first week of November, Hungama Kids is available on Google Play Store and will soon be available on the iOS Store. Hungama Kids has been developed by D’Café. 

The platform provides parents a plethora of features that include a range of parental controls, no third-party advertisements and no in-app purchases. Hungama Kids follows a subscription based revenue-model that allows first-time users to access the content on the app at free-of-cost for the initial 24 hours; thereafter the app services can be availed for Rs. 30 per month or Rs. 299 per year.

Animation Xpress had an informative chat with Hungama Digital Media vice president Soumini Sridhara Paul who explained why it’s important to make more kids aware of content that provides edutainment. Here’s what she had to say :   

> What’s the thought behind the creation of Hungama Kids OTT platform?

Increased smartphone usage has put the Internet in the palms of people across age groups, including children. As a parent, I understand the gravitas of constantly being cautious when your child has access to the Internet. The thought behind creating Hungama Kids was to bridge the gap between the demand and availability of age-appropriate content online. Through the app, we want to create a family-friendly, one-stop-destination for interactive and engaging informative and entertaining content for parents, teachers, and kids alike.

Tell us more about what does the app offer. 

The users of Hungama Kids get access to a wide range of original content across academic topics such as language practice, general knowledge, science, maths, social sciences and career guidance, which is useful for children, parents and teachers. At present, the app offers 2000+ minutes of informative, short-format content. Our content library hosts over 500 videos in English and Hindi with new content being added each day. The user-friendly interface aids our users to navigate through our content in a seamless manner. To suit the different needs of the diverse target audience, the content is categorized into separate sections for kids and parents, with the section for kids further categorized into different age groups.

> Any original or special content specifically curated for Hungama Kids?  

Hungama Kids has a slew of original content in varied formats such as bedtime stories, biographies, shows on scientific inventions and discoveries. Our young viewers can also enjoy puzzles and academic oriented shows that boost their learning and understanding of their surroundings.

What marketing strategies do you intend to adopt for this? 

It is important for us to help parents and teachers understand the USPs of the app, hence, we are actively targeting them online and promoting the app digitally. Additionally, we are giving them a chance to explore our library and sample content for free for the first 24 hours.

Which age groups are you targeting? 

Hungama Kids caters to a diverse group of target audience across all age-groups. Our content is designed for toddlers, school-going children, pre-adolescents and adolescents; in addition we also have parenting tips, career guidance, pregnancy care, amongst other things for parents and teachers.

> What’s special and unique about Hungama Kids?

We are one of the foremost platforms dedicated towards providing family-friendly content that is original and interactive for kids, parents, and teachers; this makes Hungama Kids special and unique. The app provides a comprehensive learning experience with content that ranges across topics available in Hindi, English and Hing-lish. The design of the platform eliminates the aspect of constant supervision from parents and provides age-appropriate content.