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Making of a Showreel by Graphiti: what to expect?

Making of a Showreel, a Graphiti School of Animation initiative, is set to take place on November 21, 2008 at Rangsharda Auditorium, Bandra, Mumbai. Before the students and professionals line up to register, AnimationXpress.com tells you what to expect from the event.

The presentations of the day would include a panel of practicing professionals discussing various aspects of making a showreel, and pointers for showcasing the showreel online.

Who’s Next by students of Graphiti will be screened and the challenges faced during its making would be shared. In addition, AnimationXpress Network would be announcing new initiatives.

Here’s what the speakers have to say:

Kailash Shah, head of department, modeling, Graphiti Multimedia

I believe that a student should concentrate on originality and learn to develop it as a talent. At the seminar, I will be speaking on the modeling front which would include the format and the presentation aspect of the showreels.

Anand Pawar, head, pre production, Graphiti School of Animation

Pre production is an important part of any conceptualization. I will be emphasizing on story boarding, concept and character design. The basic difference between a good and a bad showreel will be shown.

Asif Sayed, senior animator, Crest Animation Studios

As a speaker, I would be emphasizing on the fact that a student should know what the length of a showreel must be. A student must be able to showcase all principles of animation like anticipation, squash and stretch, overlapping, delays, timing, etc.

BS Abhilash, production coordinator and faculty, Graphiti School of Animation

I would be throwing light on the problems that we faced during the making of Who’s Next and how we overcame them. This would help the students to understand how they must face the situation; since during filmmaking loads of changes have to be made according to the client. Patience, passion and vision are important in filmmaking.

Pooja Buch, HR manager, Graphiti Multimedia

I will be speaking on the do’s and don’ts of a job application from an HR perspective. I will also highlight the general mistakes that the student must avoid, and what they must do during interviews.

Abhishek Chandra, co-founder, CGTantra

I would be speaking on the power of the internet and how it can be used to make a showreel popular by uploading it online or creating a blog about it. I would also be highlighting on ways to approach a studio.

Anand Gurnani, CEO, AnimationXpress Network

Graphiti School of Animation has always been proactive in taking up focused initiatives. At the showreel seminar, AnimationXpress will introduce the categories of our Animation Achievers Awards.