Graphiti School of Animation begins class on 3 July

Promoted by Father of Indian animation, Graphiti School of Animation is all set to begin its animation course with its first two batches of students on 3rd July 06.

The school will commence with forty students with admissions for the third batch already underway. The course which is divided into three parts will have a total of four batches.

The first part of the course focuses on the animation production and necessary skills in the tool; with the second part dealing with the specialization and the third emphasizing on production in which teams of students with combinations of specializations will produce a short animation film.

A core team of four faculty members will be teaching at the institute. There will also be a panel of experts from related and relevant industries like illustration, advertising, photography, graphic design, film making, music and performing arts who will conduct workshops on their areas of expertise. These workshops will be in addition to those conducted by senior animation professionals.

K.Pandyan, CEO, Graphiti School of Animation shared with Animation ‘xpress, “Somewhere in the rush to jump onto the global bandwagon, everyone seems to have forgotten that animation, like the other kind of film making, is also a tool for creative expression. The Graphiti School is a small beginning to get our focus right again.”

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