Zapak Mobile Recalls the “Total Recall Game” for the DVD Launch

The Official Game has been enhanced and updated with additional content and gameplay.

Zapak Mobile, a division of Reliance Entertainment Digital, and a leading publisher of mobile games based on some of the world’s biggest, best-known movies and entertainment brands, continues to push the boundaries of movie-inspired games with the launch of Total Recall. Developed in partnership with Sony Pictures Consumer Products, the Total Recall mobile game is a First Person Shooter (FPS) based on the sci-fi thriller and will be re-launched along with the DVD release of the movie. The game is being enhanced with adrenaline features to offer more value to the players including new and additional weapons, a completely new ‘Survival Mode’ and the big battle with Cohaagen in the final Colony “Fall” mission. The Game also features a special “Golden Eye Gun” for Total Recall DVD Customers.  Rip through the enemies with the most powerful and rapid-fire mini gun ‘Golden Eye’.  This special weapon is available Free to the DVD Customers who would be able to enter the special code found in their DVD’s. The game is being made available on all iOS and Android devices. Total Recall allows players to put themselves in the shoes of Douglas Quaid, the simple factory-worker-turned-action-hero played by Colin Farrell in the Columbia Pictures movie. It is the year 2084, and you suddenly find yourself on the run from mysterious assailants after a trip to a memory implant center goes horribly wrong. Featuring intense FPS-Rail Shooter action and high- quality 3D graphics, the game offers players a fast-paced, immersive experience that follows the same mind-bending storyline as the upcoming movie. Players must shoot their assailants and develop their skills while searching for the ultimate truth, with the fate of the world hanging in the balance. “Total Recall puts a completely new spin on the action-adventure genre, and we are extremely proud to partner with Sony Pictures to bring the fun and excitement of the big screen to the smaller screens for the gamers. The aim is to make a game that could stand on its own merit, offering the type of fast-paced action and top-notch graphics that would make people want to play it regardless of the IP. He further added, “Considering the feedback the game has received earlier, we decided to re-launch the game with an upgraded version which offers additional features. Our constant endeavor and biggest strength is to serve our customers and implement their feedback. With the revamped version of the game, we assure a quality experience of gaming that will appeal to fans of FPS games and yet stay true to the Total Recall franchise.” said Manish Agarwal, CEO, Reliance Entertainment Digital. “The premise behind Total Recall is as clever and intriguing as anything in the entertainment industry, and we knew it would make for a great game just as it does a great movie,” said Mark Caplan, VP of Sony Pictures Digital. “We turned to Zapak Mobile because they had proven success turning branded entertainment IP into hit mobile games, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the result. The game is a great way for Total Recall fans to get excited about the movie, and hopefully it attracts some new fans as well. Total Recall can now be downloaded for $0.99 at: ·   AppleApp Store: ·   GooglePlay: