VFX WCC aims to tap regional markets in 2022; launches commentators in Bengali, Hindi, Kannada, and more in the pipeline -

WCC aims to tap regional markets in 2022; launches commentators in Bengali, Hindi, Kannada, and more in the pipeline

World Cricket Championship 3 (WCC 3) released its latest update, ‘Road to Glory’ featuring multiple language commentaries voiced by former cricketers and professional commentators to cater to more diverse geographies in 2022. Three new commentators, Anjum Chopra for Hindi, Vijay Bharadwaj for Kannada and Deep Dasgupta for Bengali will be joining the roster of the already existing panel.

With these additions, WCC 3 further strengthens its vernacular portfolio to reach out to a larger audience base across the country. Appealing to newer geographies, the game will now have customised language commentaries in new regions which have a sizable fan base.

Said Deep Dasgupta, “Cricket is the most beloved sport of the country and I am excited to bring a slice of that in my native language, to the fans at their fingertips. This will make the game much more immersive for the Bengali speaking audience for sure as they can relate to the actual match commentary in their language.”

While Anjum Chopra’s familiar voice will further boost the already existing Hindi commentary line-up, the two new language additions are likely to appeal to a new set of natives.

Vijay Bharadwaj said, “In a country with a diverse set of languages, one of the things that binds us together is cricket. I believe a gamified version of the sport with a regional touch will be more relatable to the audiences. I am glad to bring a new experience to the native speakers of Kannada through WCC 3!”

WCC 3 also offers multiple language commentaries including English, Hindi, Telugu and Tamil. The Telugu commentary is voiced by former Indian cricketer and current IPL commentator, Venkatapathy Raju, English by Matthew Hayden and English bowler, columnist and BBC cricket commentator Isa Guha, while the game Hindi and Tamil versions are voiced by Aakash Chopra and Abhinav Mukund respectively.

Apart from the commentary additions, the ‘Road to Glory’ update will also bring in a host of other new features including brand new cutscenes, wicket and victory celebrations, new stadiums, boots, platinum and coins, crowd scenes, commentary boxes, toss animations, special celebrations, victory laps and more.

The game will now also allow users to choose from an array of background music and control the view during replays.

Said Next Wave Multimedia co-founder and CEO P.R. Rajendran, “WCC 3 is at the top of the mobile cricket gaming space globally and we believe our continuous innovation fuels that. Cricket reaches millions of people across the country, irrespective of geography, cultural diversities and hence these language additions will make the game more relatable to the native language audience.”

WCC 3 is the latest edition in the World Cricket Championship (WCC) franchise which has over 170 million downloads. The game has been infused with simulation of actual cricket, updated gameplay features like new controls, animations, real-time motions of athletes and professional cricketers, women’s cricket, a comprehensive career mode with over 400 tournaments, international leagues and much more. The game recently also added a standalone esports lobby.

WCC3 is one of the only ‘Made in India’ esports titles and has been featured in prominent esports tournaments in the country including Penta Amateur League, Red Bull M.E.O. and more. The game has also won the Indian Game Developers Conference’s “Studio Game of the Year” award and Google Play Store’s “Users Choice” award 2020.

In conversation with AnimationXpress, Rajendran shared, “WCC has always defined the best in mobile cricket gaming. We have lined up more new exciting content for WCC3 in 2022. All are under final testing and will be released in the first quarter next year.”

Being the believer that gaming is not just for Tier 1 but also the Tier 2 markets and beyond, WCC  expects to grow in both the markets and so far it did well in both the markets. They are also recording a few more languages for next year.

It’s true that great games can success irrespective of any language barriers. But games with respective language commentary has a greater emotional appeal because of which the content gets better engagement. Rajendran added, “Games in respective languages have emotional appeal. Hence, the content has better engagement. Great games can succeed irrespective of any language barriers.”