Voodoo to lead mobile gaming studio Volt Games’ seed funding round

Voodoo has announced that it is leading Lisbon-based mobile gaming studio Volt Games’ seed funding round. Other investors include Shilling, Aream Co., Sebastien Borget, Chris Lee, Rui Pereira, and Niall Curran.

Volt Games was founded in 2020 by Pedro Cabaço, Gonçalo Banha, João Albuquerque and Pedro Dinis. The studio has since grown to a 10-person team and has released six titles on iOS and Android including Perfect Fighter and Football Clash – Mobile Soccer. Volt has been working with Voodoo to test and launch games since 2020 and more recently announced its transition to the development of NFT and blockchain-based mobile games. The team has already started working on their first NFT mobile game, MetaStar Strikers, a football-themed game with a score and earn model, built on Polygon. Players compete in online football matches in order to collect NFTs.

The investment follows the announcement by Voodoo in December last year to invest $200 million to support talented studios looking to make hit blockchain games.

Voodoo co-founder and CEO Alexandre Yazdi said, “We are delighted to lead Volt Games’ fundraising to support the company’s development of blockchain mobile games. The team already has an impressive track record in building entertaining mobile games and we’re looking forward to helping them build future success in blockchain gaming.”

Volt Games co-founder and CEO Pedro Cabaco said, “It’s a truly exciting time for the gaming industry where play and earn has been rising in popularity and partnering up with Voodoo and our other investors feels like the right move to make a big impact in this space.”

He added, “With MetaStar Strikers and the MetaStar brand, we’re not just building a football game – we’re creating a fully interoperable sports metaverse featuring other sports games like basketball, tennis or golf. Here, most NFTs and the game’s currency will be usable in all games, adding more utility and value to these assets.”