Game developer Upjers launches Mother’s Day special events which includes new animals and dinosaurs

The developer and publisher of popular online games, upjers , has launched Mother’s Day events.
The first event is Dinosaur Park – Primeval Zoo : Here, “Hans and the Beanstalk” meets “Alice in Wonderland”. The “Bremen Town Musicians” are also involved – as a prehistoric dinosaur quartet, of course. As a reward, there is the Kulindadromeus – a herbivorous dinosaur that already had some kind of feathers. The new color variant “Orange Archaeopteryx” is also among the Mother’s Day event rewards.
• Event period: 3May to 10May 2022 (at noon CEST)

A “Magical Garden” is being created for Mother’s Day in My Little Farmies: Rainbow flowers, magical cornflowers, as well as fairies and unicorns are having a rendezvous on the medieval farm. The main reward is the “Hanging Gardens of Babylon” – the new wonder of the world provides flowers and rare fruit. There are also storage space expansions for the players at the Mother’s Day event.
 • Event period: 3May to 10May 2022 (10:59 am CEST)

Zoo 2: Animal Park: spruces up the classic garden for Mother’s Day. Various gardening tools are brought in by the wheelbarrow, raised beds are set up and a garden shed is built. Rewards for the hard work in the garden include a greenhouse and a salad bar. The white-cheeked goose is the new exclusive event animal for ice enclosure.
Event period: 4May to 11May 2022 (at noon CEST)

In My Free Zoo: the Mother’s Day event is dedicated to papercrafts. Beautiful paper decorations are created that way: sunflowers, water lilies, cardboard sheep and cows, and many more. The CretanWild Goat is a reward for the origami art. These shy animals are native only to that Greek island. In My Free Zoo it needs a forest or rock enclosure.
Event period: 4May to 11May 2022 (10:59 am CEST)