THQ Nordic has announced the remake of ‘Alone in the Dark’ game

The famous 1992 survivor horror game Alone in the Dark is being reimagined and remade, publisher THQ Nordic revealed. Players of the upcoming Alone in the Dark will be transported back to Derceto Manor from the first game’s setting of 1920s New Orleans, where Lovecraftian horrors await.

Swedish studio Pieces Interactive is developing the forthcoming Alone in the Dark, however, Mikael Hedberg, whose writing credits include Frictional Games’ Soma and Amnesia: The Dark Descent, is the project’s more well-known creator. Characters, settings, and thematic components from the first three Alone in the Dark games are reportedly incorporated into Hedberg’s original story.

Both Emily Hartwood and Edward Carnby, the game’s original protagonists, are back as playable characters and each will get to experience the narrative from a different angle. According to Alone in the Dark’s official synopsis provided by THQ Nordic, Emily hires private detective Edward to assist her in finding her missing uncle. They arrive in Derceto, a home for the mentally fatigued, where they encounter weird inhabitants, portals to nightmare worlds, and dangerous monsters.

Guy Davis, a creature designer and comic book artist who usually works with Guillermo del Toro, has been hired by THQ Nordic to create those monsters.

THQ Nordic and Pieces Interactive guarantee that Alone in the Dark’s overall experience will include thrilling exploration, intense combat, and difficult puzzles. According to THQ Nordic, the game has been in production since 2019. It will be released on PlayStation 5, Windows PC, and Xbox Series X at an unspecified date.

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