The US army intends on returning to Twitch “in the near future”

Few months back US Army had paused streaming video games on Twitch as an outreach and recruitment tool after facing criticism for banning viewers. After all the lines of obstacles and controversy, the US Army has confirmed it intends to return to Twitch “in the near future”, according to a statement provided to Kotaku, 

 The controversy took place when the US Army account was itself in breach of Twitch’s Terms of Service recently when the link was provided for a contest to win an Xbox Elite Series 2 controller actually linked back to an Army recruitment form with no mention of a prize.

“The U.S. Army Esports Team is reinstating access for accounts previously banned for harassing and degrading behaviour on its Twitch stream. The team is reviewing and clarifying its policies and procedures for the stream and will provide all who have been banned the opportunity to participate in the space as long as they follow the team’s guidelines,” reads the statement of the army person. 

Earlier last week an amendment proposed by representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to ban military recruitment on Twitch was voted down in the House Committee on Appropriations by 188 Republicans, and by 103 Democrats. With that out of the way, the army is now free to return to Twitch.