The International 10 season sets a new record with prize pool of $40mn

Even after The International 10 was delayed due to COVID-19, the Dota 2 community has pushed the prize pool over last year’s record to claim the title of the biggest prize pool in esports history. Currently, at an unbelievable $40 million, the event has broken and subsequently set the record for the prize pool in an esports tournament.

As a way of integrating esports into the title more actively, Valve allows 25 per cent of applicable in-game player purchases (which is a battle pass) to go directly into the prize pool. Last year, this system allowed The International to reach $33 million, which is a major difference compared to this year, and it makes you wonder what it could be like the next time around.

The International 10 is likely to set to begin next year, due to a series of delays resulting from the pandemic. This does mean however that the prize pool will keep amassing until the tournament takes place.

Here are the past five biggest prize pools in esports and all are from past The International seasons

  1. The International 2020 – $40,000,000+
  2. The International 2019 – $34,330,069
  3. The International 2018 – $25,532,177
  4. The International 2016 – $20,770,460.00
  5. The International 2015 – $18,429,613.05