The best games of recent times you may have not heard of

Spending time with games is one of the most popular activities these days. There are multiple games to choose from. Some prefer indie games, some likes the competition, and chooses multiplayer games, and some just simply choose online games. Whichever is your preference, there are lots of options.

Several big hits have been released this year, but that doesn’t mean the smaller releases aren’t just as good. Just because a company doesn’t have that big of marketing like other big corporates it can still make pretty good games.

So if you would like to try out something else than just Rainbow Riches, we would advise you to try out these new, lesser-known games, instead of big games, that already have many followers. Here is a list of these games, that would be a mistake to miss.

BPM: Bullets Per Minute

Doom had literally perfected the combination of fast-paced shooting and metallic music decades ago, but the Awe Interactive team thought it would be possible to combine these two components even more closely and created the BPM: Bullets per minute game. A game that had to grind the rhythm of the music specifically. opponents. Classic formula with a simple but imaginative twist.

Call of the Sea

In the last days of the year, Out of the Blue’s latest game, which also resembles a more classic adventure game, slipped in: the game’s protagonist, Norah, who tries to find her husband on an island full of mysteries. The interesting puzzles are paired with great visuals and atmosphere, so it’s definitely worth a try for those looking for a slightly less tense challenge.

Chicken Police: Paint It Red

We are always happy when we meet a Hungarian development on the international stage, and Chicken Police not only appeared in the international press but also won very nice accolades on Gamescom. By the way, it’s an adventure game that mixes the style of classic noir movies with animal tales, so it’s only worth trying out because of the atmosphere.


While Cyberpunk 2077 and Ghostrunner basically focus on action, Cloudpunk puts a significantly more moderate, but all the more cosy game into a blood-cyberpunk environment. The protagonist of Cloudpunk is a courier who has to fulfil the orders of a non-specifically legal company while making decisions that could affect the outcome of the story.

Gears Tactics

Most people know the Gears of War series as the king of the cover shooter genre, but this year Microsoft has looked a little different with the franchise. The Gears Tactics rather evokes the style of XCOM games instead of action-packed gameplay, thoughtful turn-based battles. The end result works surprisingly well and while critics acknowledged this, overall it didn’t resonate as much as its bigger siblings.


Undoubtedly, Cyberpunk 2077 is the most upscale Polish cyberpunk game of the year, but by no means the only one. While CD Projekt Red plastic play is available we open the world and your choices, while the One More Level creations, the Ghostrunner more familiar with parkour mixes stylish visuals and a piece of heated adrenaline music to the Mirror’s Edge out.


The Supergiant Games team is probably one of the best and most reliable studios today, to whom we owe excellent indie titles such as Bastion or Transistor. Mixing the guys ’latest creation, the roguelike genre, and Greek mythology. The only icing on the cake is that the Supergiant team is unfamiliar with the concept of overtime.

Maid of Sker

In recent years, inside-view horror games have been a great success, and while it can be said that Amnesia, as well as Outlast, are the flagships of the genre, not only have they managed to create something interesting in the genre. While Wales Interactive’s game, Maid of Sker, isn’t really new in terms of gameplay, everything has been critically acclaimed about the story and mood, making it worth a try for horror fans.

Spelunky 2

The first Spelunky was a great success in the early 2010s, one of the first games to combine elements of roguelikes and platformers. Its sequel was made this year, and although the gameplay is very similar, there are a few new features. This time, we control Ana, the daughter of the protagonist of the first part, who wanders through dangerous caves to find her missing parents. Cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes are also included.


We rarely see games as creative as Superliminal. We can play with this perspective: we can zoom in and out of objects simply by moving them, and we can marvel at the creativity of developers every time. Those who loved the Portal and others, don’t miss it!

This is, of course, our list, so if you think something has been missed that definitely deserves attention, be sure to write it down in the comments!