Space-Tech framework launchpad event’s metaverse world is set around spaceships: Gamitronics CEO Rajat Ojha

Metaverse is one such platform where you get to live a separate life in a virtual world and interact and experience things as you would in real life. Since the time of inception and with Facebook changing its name to Meta, a zephyr of interests of various industry stakeholders have been noticed to invest in this new age technology. Interesting  fact is that for the first time, the Telangana government is planning to unveil its Space-Tech framework through the metaverse platform. As per Telangana Today, the launch of the space technology (Space-Tech) framework will be done in a fully virtual manner and is scheduled to take place on 18 April. The virtual event will be hosted on PartyNite Metaverse which is owned by Gamitronics.

Rajat Ojha

“This will be the first time that an Indian state will be unveiling an emerging technology policy by using another niche technology. While metaverse has many use cases, the state decided that we should also promote it in our own way. So, we thought of unveiling the Space-Tech framework through the metaverse platform on 18 April,” said Telangana government principal secretary (IT and Industries) Jayesh Ranjan.

In conversation with AnimationXpress, Gamitronics CEO Rajat Ojha shared that the work on the Space Tech project started in March itself and the launchpad event is happening inside PartyNite so this is an extension. In the metaverse event, representatives from the IT and IT and Industries department, Space-Tech startup founders and other delegates all will be in 3D avatars.

This initiative by the government towards innovative technology will surely strengthen it. As Ojha opined, “Whenever financial institutions and government agencies start using a particular tech, it validates the technology. Also, space is very attractive for youths of India and there are so many budding startups which will be targeted and getting them excited is fairly easy using game based technology.”

According to what Ojha shared regarding the launch pad event, the world is set around space ships compared to open land in Daler Mehndi’s concert. The entire feel of the event will be very sci-fi.

Ojha added, “There were no challenges except getting individual attendees’ avatar as they needed every dignitary to look exactly as they look in real life.” 

He also shared that it is possible to live stream any metaverse event and anybody can catch the live stream from any part of the world. “Not everybody is invited inside the PartyNite but people can attend from live streams. PartyNite is hosting selected 50 dignitaries who will speak to the public or discuss amongst themselves,” Ojha added.

When Animation Xpress asked about going from a music concert to an official Government event what else can we do in PartyNite? Ojha replied, “Anything under the sun. Events are the building block and slowly you’ll see ecommerce, interactive trailers, movies, cafes and what not.”

Part of the launch pad event will include awards ceremony where the the efforts of industry and government leaders will be recognised and will be presented a virtual 3D award which will be minted as a NFT (non-fungible token) and deposited into the wallets of the leaders. Gamitronics will be minting special NFTs especially for the event which might later be available for public  bidding. Further, the fund raised will again be utilized for a technology driven social initiative as told to ET.