Skyesports Championship 3.0 to expand into South Asia region with a massive prize pool of Rs 55 lakh

Indian esports organization Skyesports is all set to launch its Skyesports Championship 3.0 with a massive prize pool of Rs 55 lakh. With this tournament, Skyesports is aiming to tap into the South Asian countries as well. A total of eight countries – India, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Bhutan – will be participating this year.

This is the third edition of their flagship tournament series and the prize pool of the tournament has spiked to almost 20 times more since its inception in 2019. The first Skyesports Championship had a prize pool of three lakh rupees whereas the second season in 2020 had a prize pool of Rs 11 lakh.

Shiva Nandy

Skyesports founder and CEO Shiva Nandy shared, “Skyesports Championship is our annual flagship event. It’s a destination where many popular gamers have found a path to go pro and evolved into champions. After two successful seasons, we are planning to take the third edition to full scale. 3.0 will be a South Asia region tournament that will run for four months with a massive prize pool of Rs 55 lakh and with a LAN finale. This will be 20x growth from our previous editions and we have many interesting things lined up without compromising the basic grassroots.”

Tournament dates are yet to be revealed; however, the tournaments will be four months long and the icing on the cake is that it will have a LAN final, something that every esports aficionados are eagerly waiting for. Nandy said it’s too early to reveal their sponsors, game names for the championship, participation rules, and so on. 

The games included in their previous championships were Valorant, Brawlstars, Clash of Clans, WCC Rivals, Rainbow Six Seige and so on. In the first edition, PUBG Mobile was included, however, they didn’t feature it in the second edition because of the ban. While various illegal scrims and tournaments of PUBG Mobile were happening, post the ban Skyesports had removed it from their roster.

Earlier Nandy expressed exclusively to us, “Ever since PUBGM ban, we have removed PUBGM from Skyesports Championship 2.0 and we haven’t done any scrims or tournaments with PUBGM. Whether we like it or not, we respect the government’s decision. Revenue generated through the banned game is not to be encouraged as it can harm the other legal games. Once PUBG is unbanned and gets a new launch we will start to do scrims, tournaments and leagues. Until then Skyesports won’t do PUBGM.”

Now that BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA is launching soon there are high chances that we might also see the game being a part of the championship as previously, during the announcement of its pre-registrations, Nandy expressed, “Indian esports is already growing at a fast pace and with BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA coming back, it will only grow bigger and bigger. The fans were eagerly waiting for the return and we can expect a huge jump in Indian gaming viewership, user base and of course revenues. Skyesports can’t wait to explore once again.”

Based in Chennai, Skyesports has journeyed a long way; from south India to South Asia. We are excited to know what’s next in store. Stay tuned for more updates!